Diamondback: 1980 - Present

Much of Yancy's past life is unknown beyond his induction to the program which stimulated his meta-gene causing his transformation into a human/snake hybrid. He was a young refugee from Khandaq, who was discovered to possess the meta-gene when a blood sample was taken by customs as part of a screening for a disease. At the time, the meta-gene was not discovered, but when Cadmus Labs got a hold of the results a short time later in 2001, Yancy Zenith (who was then a music major in college) was abducted.

What Cadmus failed to realize is that Yancy possessed a mutated meta-gene, similar to that of Waylon Jones' regression into a human/crocodile form. Still, this form proved useful to for Cadmus' purposes and Yancy was kept in the program, where he was continually subjected to tests, surgeries, and brainwashing regimens in an effort to make him a living weapon - most likely with the intent to sell him for service in assassination programs run by Checkmate or possibly more illicit employers on the Black Market.

Eventually, however, Cadmus scientists failed to notice Yancy's neural pathways changing, adapting to counter the brainwashing and when an opportunity presented itself, Yancy fled. He escaped through the sewer system and afraid of how society would view him, he kept himself hidden beneath Gotham. Eventually, Killer Croc found him when he heard rumor of another like himself in the sewers and for a few months the two formed a partnership, getting by with small robberies and a few smash and grabs. However, when one went South and Croc bit the head off the storekeeper, Yancy panicked and fled. What scared Yancy the most was just how much the smell of all that gore seemed enticing - a primal urge he would need to resist.

Yancy continued to run for the next several years. He encountered many kind strangers, but eventually that urge would call to him and he would promptly return to the streets.[1]


Yancy Zenith was Erased from Continuity after being used as a power source by the Anti-Monitor for Canonization.

Powers and Abilities


  • Reptilian/Human Physiology
  • Enhanced Senses and Infrared Vision
  • Camouflaging Color-Altering Skin
  • Digital and Maxillary Venom Injectors
  • Short-Term Underwater Adaptation


  • Expert Guitar Player

Trivia and Notes


  • Yancy's father was a reporter and died in 1993 during a terrorist attack.
  • He escaped Cadmus July 3rd, 2008, the same day Young Justice broke into Cadmus.


  • Diamondback is an original character created by ArkhamRedX.

Links and References

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