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Winnie Schott: 1994 - Present

Winifred Schott is the daughter of Winslow and Mary Schott, and the older sister of Anton Schott. She was a much more fortunate child than her brother, having been loved by both her parents and doted upon in her youth. It was not until she was a bit older that her relationship with her father became strained due to his long work hours and lack of interest in his children. When her mother was involved in a tragic accident, Winnie stepped up to become the woman of the house, caring for her little brother as her father slipped even further from his family.

When Winslow disappeared outright, Winnie reached out to her mother's family in Dakota City. Anton rejected this idea and ran away from home. Moving on from this, Winnie did her best to close this chapter of her life and look forward. She apparently had considerable troubles in her teens and the sudden, unexpected recovery of her mother and her father's suicide threw her life into disarray and emotional turmoil. Winnie had trouble adjusting and was admitted into a care facility after she tried to take her own life at the age of seventeen.

Eventually Winnie got the care she needed to turn her life around. She took advantage of her care facility's rehab educational program to enroll in online courses in computer coding, programming, and software design. She graduated at the top of her virtual class. Using her degree to escape her past, Winnie moved to Coast City and found work at StarrWare. She did incredible work and in just a couple of years became one of the company's top computer coders and a personal friend of the company's president, Karen Starr.

Threat Assessment


  • Genius Level Intellect:
    • Computer Systems: Winnie has considerable ability to design, repair, network, hack, edit, manage and understand the most sophisticated workings of a computer. This includes both hardware and/or software as it relates to computer systems.


  • Origins: Winnie does not like talking about her family or her past.

Trivia and Notes


  • Winnie is most notable for being the coder for the program that served as the linchpin in the Kord Smartglass OS.[1]
  • She works with her father and knows he's a brain in the jar.


  • Winifred's address is a nod to first appearance of a character named Doll Face: Teen Titans, Vol. 3 #88 in December, 2010; and her creators: J.T. Krul and Nicola Scott.
  • She's a composite character of Doll Face and Winn Schott from the Supergirl TV series. Her appearance is based on Doll Face and her being a tech genius and coworker of Kara is based on Winn.

Links and References

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