WayneTech is a company owned by Bruce Wayne. It creates computers and develops cutting edge technology. It used to be a defense contractor.

Notable Technology

  • Monitoring systems around the city. It recalibrates city camera's when Batman is near.[1]
  • Development of weapons. The designs were rejected due to a coolant problem.
  • A prototype suit called Research & Development X. The suit was stolen by Tim Drake when he left to infiltrate the League of Assassins.[2]
  • An enzyme to encrypt DNA. The enzyme was stolen by Batman and the technology was lost.[3]

Trivia and Notes


  • Before becoming insane, Anna Wilson was selling her inventions to the company.
  • Rocky Ballantine took the weapon blueprints and some parts, and using them as the foundation built the guns of Terrible Trio. She took inspiration from video games and installed some heat sinks.[4]
  • Yo-Yo's plasma weapon uses components stolen from WayneTech.[5]

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