Watchtower is a space station and the base of operations for the Justice League.

It has a med-bay with a bio-scanner, a hangar for Javelins, training room and crew quarters. It has access to Zeta Beams to the Hall of Justice. It is operated by an A.I. called GIDEON.

Members of the Justice League have monitor duties for the duration of a rotation.

It was attacked by the Salvation Syndicate in 2015.


The Justice League lost its UN backing and now operates as an independent entity, run out of the Watchtower which is starting to show massive signs of disrepair. Bruce calls it the "Deathtrap".

Trivia and Notes


  • Officially, only Justice League and Watchtower personnel can enter the Watchtower, but other people could go there thanks to others covering for them (e.g. Halo when her powers started emanating).
  • Javelins' controls can be manually locked.
  • Amanda Waller has an office in the Watchtower, but she usually does not use it. Same with Maxwell Lord, both preferring to keep their offices in the actual ARGUS HQ.
  • The Watchtower is owned by ARGUS.
  • The Hall of Justice Zeta-Beam is the primary way heroes access the Watchtower.
  • Shiera Sanders and Carter Hall got married in the Watchtower in full costumes.
  • Jon and Laura Kent were born in the Watchtower.
  • Showers in the Watchtower don't use water
  • The Watchtower's on-board dentist and mortician are Dr. Miles and Dr. Vito.
  • Animals are not allowed on board of the Watchtower.


  • Gideon A.I. comes from the Flash TV series.
  • In the comics, Phillip Miles and Porter Vito were supervillains known as the Dentist and the Mortician, respectively.

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