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Walter Peck: 1977 - 1995

Walter grew up in a home governed by his academic father, a professor of some acclaim from a prestigious family going back to Gateway City's colonial days, and a strict mother who enforced tight curfews, dress code at the dinner table, and proclaimed that television would rot your brain. Whether you believe Walter did well in school in spite of these restrictions or because of them is moot except to say that Walter's achievements were not sufficient to get him into Ivy University, where his father and five generations of Pecks had attended before him. However, Walter did earn a full scholarship to Pacific University in Coast City. Myron Peck made it clear to his son that he was a disappointment to the family for not being accepted into Ivy University.

Walter Peck: 1995 - 1999

In college, Walter got his first taste of life outside of his parents' custodial restrictions. He let loose, joined a fraternity, and became something of a "party animal" for the first three years. His grades suffered, declining from stellar marks to barely acceptable to maintain his scholarship, but he did not care as he was caught up in enjoying his liberation.

Walter Peck: 1999 - 2002

Walter was convinced to enroll in law school by his estranged uncle who was the black sheep of the Peck family's previous generation and had also moved west to escape the expectations that came with the Peck family name. It turns out that part of Walter's motivation for going into law was there was a secret society at Pacific University that had a habit of recruiting future attorneys with more decadent tastes.

At some point during his three years at law school, Walter was given the invitation to the exclusive estate known only by its address: 666 Haight Street. The place was rumored to have strong ties to the occult, but if that was Walter's interest at all or if he was merely interested in other pursuits associated with the club remains unknown. Whether Walter was initiated (or if there even is anything ominous about 666 Haight Street and its elusive cabal) remains unknown.

Walter Peck: 2002 - 2009

Walter worked at a Coast City law firm for a few years before transferring to the Department of Extranormal Operations, shortly after its Covert Bureau of Investigation was finally settled. Peck was hired on as part of the CBI's support team and tasked with helping the operations division of the taskforce navigate legal hurdles and to investigate matters which may require DEO intervention.

Peck earned a reputation as a stickler for the rules. He butted heads constantly with the so-called "misfits" of the operations team and even with the head of the DEO himself, Mr. Bones. In spite of this, Mr. Bones believed Peck's opposition helped rein the CBI in and kept the operation functioning, so Peck's services were retained - until one argument went a little too far, resulting in Peck's reassignment to CBI liaison to the Star City Field Office.

Walter Peck: 2009 - 2013

This reassignment agreed with Peck. He got along famously with Deputy Director Fyers and often was seen rubbing elbows with Star City elite. He attended galas frequently and was seen vacationing as part of Mayor Queen's entourage several times (though I should mention that I was informed by Operator that Mr. Peck was always the "plus-one" of either Fyers or other mutual friends and that he and Mr. Queen never were "friends"). All in all, Peck had no intention of ever going back to working for a "monkey with a badge."

As all this was going on, Peck did take an invested interest in a new business that had popped up in Star City during Peck's first year in the city. He had initially dismissed the operation as not being worth his time or effort, but when their outfit's name kept being dropped at high-ticket affairs, Peck has his interest piqued.

After a large volume of work for places like the Bering Arms Hotel and Verdant and several interviews on television including one with G. Gordon Godfrey, the Ghostbusters were suddenly all that Star City (and select circles across the nation) were talking about. The more Peck looked into them, the more he liked their style. When Peck discovered they had no legal representation, he became even more interested.

Peck went into the repurposed firehouse one day hoping to use his government credentials to get a closer look at the operation and maybe even a peek at their financial records. While he may have met with Dr. Venkman in hopes of quitting his government job and buying into this developing enterprise, Walter's aspirations quickly crumbled after a brief exchange with the Ghostbuster's self-appointed spokesman.

Apparently, Peter Venkman could detect something was off about this government official and he provoked Walter Peck until he stormed off after threatening to return with a court order. Walter's first seven attempts to acquire a court order were dismissed, but when he finally nursed his pride enough to form an objective argument, his request was granted in the summer of 2013 - after some sudden and unexpected assistance from Albert Davis, who "put in a good word" with a judge he played golf with.

Walter Peck: 2013 - Present

Peck got that court order, consisting of a cease and desist all commerce order, a seizure of premises and chattels, a ban on the use of public utilities for unauthorized waste handlers, and a federal entry and inspection order to tour the facility - to name a few. Peck's timing could not have been worse. Egon Spengler and Janine Melnitz were already babysitting a demonically possessed Louis Tully.

When Peck and his small team of police and other city workers showed up, Egon and Janine tried to reason with them, but when conversation gave way to an argument, Peck ordered the Ghostbuster's containment unit shut down immediately. While Egon was able to give the police some hesitation with the consequences of Peck's demands, an unwatched Louis Tully had his infernal pilot stir from its post-possession stupor and took advantage of the confusion to slip, unwatched, into the Ghostbusters basement and breach the containment unit's seals.

The containment unit had a meltdown which ultimately released the contents of spectral prisoners and destroyed the Ghostbusters' firehouse in the process. This also allowed Vinz Clortho, in the body of an accountant, to slip away undetected. Without knowing about the demon's involvement and presuming the explosion to be evidence of the Ghostbusters' carelessness, Peck had the four men arrested on the spot. For twelve hours, Star City was ravaged by ghosts while the Ghostbusters were locked up on Peck's orders. Eventually, the Ghostbusters and Peck were summoned to a meeting with Mayor Queen. The meeting went off the rails, resulting in some heated words and Peck being forcibly removed from the mayor's office.

Peck followed the Ghostbusters to their showdown on the roof of Dillin Tower. He was among a throng of others who watched the light show above them from the ground floor. According to others among that crowd, Peck was actually cheering the Ghostbusters on in their darkest moment to date. But whatever goodwill Peck had for the Ghostbusters that day was smothered when Peck had the misfortune of being slammed by a hefty weight of protonic melted marshmallow.

Hospitalized for over a month and threatening to sue the Ghostbusters for damages, Peck was also out of a job when the DEO heard about his role in the "Gozer Incident." While he was still recovering, Peck entertained a visit from Mayor Queen. The mayor informed Peck that he was intending to give the Ghostbusters a large contract with the city and asked Peck to drop his lawsuit. Peck dismissed that idea entirely until the mayor proposed a counteroffer that not only came with a generous payment that would more than cover Peck's medical expenses but also a new job. The catch required two things from Peck. An agreement to drop charges against the Ghostbusters and to head the city's newest municipal office, the "Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission" - or "Peacock" for short.

Peck was intrigued by the idea as he knew he would be the one holding the purse strings on the Ghostbusters' biggest source of income and could certainly use that to torture the team. However, once Peck took over as PCOC's OIC, he realized that his future employment meant he actually required the Ghostbusters as much as they needed the city contracts to rebuild their business. Since this realization, Peck's slowly come to terms with the full implications of this symbiotic relationship he is forced to have with Peter Venkman.

Threat Assessment


Missing Data


Missing Data


  • Physicality: 2 - Basic / Typical
  • Occult: 3 - Trained / Exceptional
  • Weaponry: 2 - Basic / Typical
  • Expertise: 4 - Expert / Enhanced
  • Range: 3 - Trained / Exceptional
  • Strategy: 4 - Expert / Enhanced[1]

Trivia and Notes


  • Walter Peck has a Threat Assessment ranking of 34, marking him as a Moderate Threat.
  • Albert Davis was his roommate during their time at Pacific University. Neither of them were all that concerned with their studies and treated their four years there as one big party. Not wanting the party to end, Walter convinced Albert to join him at law school and invited Albert to 666 Haight Street. Albert was reluctant but he was convinced when Walter told him a certain goth chick Albert had his eye on was going to be there.[2]


  • Walter Peck is a character from the Ghostbusters films and its related media.
  • In the movie he was an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) agent.
  • In the movie he shut down the grid which contained the ghosts.
  • Walter leading PCOC is a nod to Ghostbusters: The Video Game.
  • His address on 84 Atherton Way is a reference to the actor William Atherton, who portrays him in the Ghostbusters film, and the year of the movie's release.
  • The secret society at 666 Haight Street is a nod to Eldon Peck/Brother Night, who is the estranged uncle mentioned.

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