Rings are fueled by love and controlled with willpower. Those with weak wills are controlled by the Predator.

Source Entity: Predator

Location of the Source Conduit: Zamaron

Star Sapphire is the only known bearer of a violet lantern ring. Carol Ferris is sworn to the Lantern Corps in hopes of making a difference against the Blackest Night.[1]

Number of Known Bearers: 1

Notable Ringbearers

Powers of the Violet Lanterns by Mastery Levels

The Initiate


First Degree: The Novice


Second Degree: The Apprentice


Third Degree: The Adept


Fourth Degree: The Journeyman


Fifth Degree: The Master


Sixth Degree: The Legend


Seventh Degree: The Paragon


Trivia and Notes

Trivia Edit

  • There are seven degrees of Ring Mastery, in E27:
    • First Degree: You've graduated basic training on Oa and have developed your own style.
    • Second Degree: You've got what it takes to be a decent solo Lantern, if needs be.
    • Third Degree: You've can make a decent field trainer.
    • Fourth Degree: You've got what it takes to be a drill instructor or a Senior Lantern.
    • Fifth Degree: You're a pretty big deal in the Corps itself. Most Lanterns know who you are. This is about the highest most Lanterns ever get.
    • Sixth Degree: You've surpassed the Guardians' expectations and have proven to be among the most elite of the Lanterns ever to wield the ring.
    • Seventh Degree: You're a legend in your own right. Darkseid himself would be alarmed if he heard you were venturing close to Apokalypse's borders.

Links and References

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