Vesper Fairchild: 1976 - 2016

Vesper Fairchild had always been a vocal kid, full of moxy and opinions. In high school, she was both popular and beautiful, but Vesper was also intelligent and proud of it. Vesper used her multi-faceted talents set to secure herself a scholarship at Gotham State University.

After college, Vesper interned at WGTU Radio and eventually earned herself a regular four-hour show in the middle of the night. Though she did a fairly good job at delivering the humdrum news and talking to various nightwatchmen, truck drivers, and lonely hearts that were her regular call-in listeners, Vesper's big break came with the arrival of Batman. Due to her time-slot, Vesper got a chance to break the story on many of Batman's high-profile early escapades, as well as host many discussions with call-in listeners calling in to report sightings. Eventually her show was rebranded as "Bat-Watch".

As host of "Bat-Watch", Vesper's program was eventually syndicated. Though the show tanked after a controversial anti-Justice League rant, Vesper had enough name recognition to find herself a job as a regular host on the daytime talk show "The Scene", where she was often outspoken in her approval of vigilantes, especially Batman, while being quite dismissive or even critical of many more "noble" heroes, such as Superman.

In her personal life, Vesper has had an on-again, off-again relationship with Bruce Wayne, first beginning after an interview with him in which she impressed him with her unrestrained criticisms of Wayne's potential merger with Lex Luthor. Perhaps we have Vesper to thank that this deal never panned out. However, the romance tends to fail regularly, as Bruce believes her to be a risk to his identity as Batman. Recently, she has been dating Gotham mayoral candidate, Lincoln March.[1]

Vesper Fairchild: 2016 - Present

Vesper Fairchild married Lincoln March after he won the 2016 Gotham City Mayoral Election.

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Trivia and Notes


  • She endorsed Lincoln March during the election.


  • She is one of the people suspected to be the true identity of Lady Arkham.

Links and References

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