Veronica Cale: 1977 - Present

Veronica Cale is the daughter of a stripper and a married man. As a result of her circumstances, Veronica Cale grew up in a bad part of Opal City. When school counselors notified her mother that test results indicated Veronica was smart (like really smart – not as smart as me, probably, but still…), Veronica was encouraged to read, get educated, and do all she could so she could escape her circumstances. Veronica’s studies took an interest in medicine when she was fourteen years old and her mother was diagnosed with cancer.

In an effort to save her mother’s life, Veronica decided to confront her father who happened to be a wealthy man living in Hub City. Veronica coerced him out of a sizable amount of money, in exchange for not ruining his marriage, career, or reputation. That money bought Veronica’s mother another two years of life before her mother urged her daughter to use the money for herself. Saying goodbye to her mother, Veronica entered college at the age of sixteen. Her mother was buried in a pauper’s grave five weeks later.

Veronica attended Ivy University’s early entry program at sixteen years old on a scholarship, which allowed her to invest her remaining funds in the stock market. Five years later, at the age of twenty-one, Veronica had three doctorates (in medicine, chemistry, and computer science). While in school, Veronica worked with a classmate, Adrianna Anderson, to create an advanced medical tracking software which they sold to Wayne Enterprises for millions and got the two the recognition they needed to be recruited by STAR Labs.

After working for STAR Labs for a decade, Veronica and Adrianna decided to leave STAR Labs and founded their own research company. After fifteen years of investing funds, Veronica had almost a billion dollars. As Cale-Anderson Medical developed into a powerhouse medical research firm that tripled her investment within two years.

Nowadays, Veronica and her partner are among the richest people in the world and are definitely the two richest women in the world. They've recently bought their own island in Asia.[1]

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  • Veronica owning an island is a nod to Oolong Island, a place in the comics that has been the headquarters of many different villains, including Cale and also the Doom Patrol.

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