VOX Box Who You Gonna Call 8

VOX Box: Who You Gonna Call? 8



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  • Peter Venkman: [door opens, grapple] Let me. If something's gonna happen here I want it to happen to me first. [footsteps, pause] Okay. I think it's safe... Come on in.
  • Dana Barrett: ... [footsteps, door closes]
  • Peter Venkman: What's this here? [footsteps, door swings open, gasp, pause]
  • Dana Barrett: The closet. [footsteps, door closes]
  • Peter Venkman: [footsteps, piano key sounding, piano key sounding, piano key playing repeatedly, chuckle] They hate this. I like to torture them. [pause, footsteps] [dramatic:] That's right, boys. It's Dr. Venkman!
  • Dana Barrett: ... [sigh, footsteps, fabric shifting]
  • Peter Venkman: [pause, footsteps, squeeze, mechanical sniff, squeeze, mechanical sniff, footsteps, pause] Hmm, there's a lot of space. Is it really just you?
  • Dana Barrett: Yes.
  • Peter Venkman: Good.
  • Dana Barrett: [sigh] What is that thing you're doing?
  • Peter Venkman: [squeeze, mechanical sniff] It's technical. It's one of our little toys. [squeeze, mechanical sniff]
  • Dana Barrett: I see.
  • Peter Venkman: [footsteps, squeeze, mechanical sniff] ... [footsteps, door opens]
  • Dana Barrett: That's the bedroom, but nothing ever happened in there.
  • Peter Venkman: [pause] What a crime... [door closes, footsteps, squeeze, mechanical sniff]
  • Dana Barrett: [sigh] You know, you don't act like a scientist.
  • Peter Venkman: [chuckle] Thanks... [footsteps] They're usually pretty stiff.
  • Dana Barrett: You're more like a game show host.
  • Peter Venkman: ... [pause, footsteps] That's the kitchen, huh? [footsteps, sniff, retch] Dana, are these the eggs?
  • Dana Barrett: [footsteps] Yes, see, I was over there, and the eggs just jumped right out of their shells and started to cook right on the counter.
  • Peter Venkman: That is weird.
  • Dana Barrett: And that's when I heard that awful noise from the refrigerator.
  • Peter Venkman: [squeeze, mechanical sniff, squeeze, mechanical sniff] Stinks, don't it? [chuckle]
  • Dana Barrett: [sigh] Dr. Venkman, you've come all this way. Would you like to examine the refrigerator?
  • Peter Venkman: I'll check the fridge. Good call. [footsteps, door opens, pause, gasp] Oh, my God!
  • Dana Barrett: Oh, [expletive]... What is it? What do you see? [footsteps, door opens more]
  • Peter Venkman: Look at all the junk food!
  • Dana Barrett: No, God damn it! Look, this wasn't here.
  • Peter Venkman: [clatter] You actually eat this stuff?
  • Dana Barrett: [groan, clatter, scoff, stomp] Look! This wasn't here! There was nothing here! There was a space, and there was a building or something with flames coming out of it, and creatures riding around and they were growling and snarling! And there were flames! And I heard a voice say "Zool!" It was right here!
  • Peter Venkman: I'm sorry, I'm just not getting any reading.
  • Dana Barrett: [scoff] Well, are you sure you're using that thing correctly?
  • Peter Venkman: Well, I think so. But I'm sure there are no animals in there.
  • Dana Barrett: [sigh] Well, that's great. Either there's a monster in my kitchen or I'm completely crazy.
  • Peter Venkman: I don't think you're crazy.
  • Dana Barrett: [sarcastically:] Good, that makes me feel so much better... [footsteps, body slumping into chair, sigh]
  • Peter Venkman: [sigh, footsteps] Let me tell you something about myself. [pause] I come home from work to my place and all I have is my work. There's nothing else in my life!
  • Dana Barrett: [sigh] Dr. Venkman-
  • Peter Venkman: I meet you, and I say, my God, there's someone with the same problem I have!
  • Dana Barrett: [sigh] Yes. We both have the same problem. [pause] You!
  • Peter Venkman: [chuckle] I'm gonna go for broke. [pause, sigh] I am madly in love with you.
  • Dana Barrett: [chuckle, scoff] I don't believe this. Will you please leave? [clatter, sigh, footsteps, grapple]
  • [footsteps: 2 instances, door opens]
  • Peter Venkman: And then she threw me out of her life. She thought I was a creep, she thought I was a geek and she probably wasn't the first...
  • Dana Barrett: [groan] You are so odd... Go.
  • Peter Venkman: [footsteps, pause] I've got it!
  • Dana Barrett: No, no, no, no, no.
  • Peter Venkman: I'll prove myself to you!
  • Dana Barrett: That's not necessary.
  • Peter Venkman: Yeah. I'll solve your little problem.
  • Dana Barrett: Okay...
  • Peter Venkman: And then you'll say, "Pete Venkman's a guy who can get things done!"
  • Dana Barrett: Right.
  • Peter Venkman: "I wonder what makes him tick!"
  • Dana Barrett: I wonder! [soft chuckle]
  • Peter Venkman: "I wonder if he'd be interested in knowing what makes me tick?"
  • Dana Barrett: Right! You can go...
  • Peter Venkman: I bet you're going to be thinking about me after I'm gone.
  • Dana Barrett: I bet I am!
  • Peter Venkman: No kiss?
  • Dana Barrett: [scoff, shove, door slams shut, sigh] ...
  • Peter Venkman: [pause, chuckle] Hey, champ... How're you?
  • Louis Tully: [nervous chuckle] Oh, hi, I'm just the neighbor, I wasn't eavesdropping or- [body walking into door, groan, knock, knock, door knob jiggles, groan] Oh, not again! [loud sigh, door knob jiggles]
  • Peter Venkman: Good luck with that, sport. [chuckle, footsteps, whistling off-key]

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