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  • Heretic: [thud, bloody cough] You call yourselves heroes... and maybe you'll be remembered as such in death, but for now... you die as you lived. Fools! [batarang whirs, metallic clank] What the hell?
  • Skeets: It's Batman! [speaker crackle, 'The Dark Knight Theme' song begins playing, whistle] you're in for it now, Heretic!
  • Booster Gold: [groan] It's about time, Batsy...
  • Batman: [cape fluttering] Blue Beetle, Booster Gold... Get out of here. I'll handle this.
  • Blue Beetle: [pained hiss, footsteps] Nah, we're good to back you up, Bat-
  • Batman: Get out of here.
  • Skeets: [music muted, sparks] I think we should listen to him. The stress levels in his voice idicate that was not a suggestion.
  • Booster Gold: [cough, groan, footsteps] Come on, Skeets... I gotcha, little buddy.
  • Blue Beetle: For the record, I don't like this, Batman.
  • Batman: Noted. Get yourself back to your ship, Beetle, and go to the Watchtower. Have Mid-Nite see to yourwounds.
  • Blue Beetle/Booster Gold: [footsteps: 2 instances, fading footsteps: 2 instances, distant jet thrusters]
  • Heretic: I was wondering if I'd have my shot against you... I was beginning to think you had retired, old man.
  • Batman: You're going to wish I was. [footsteps, cape fluttering] Then again, you're wearing the Suit of Sorrows. You probably care nothing about what I can do to you. The Suit's destroying you from within, Heretic... Can't you see that? I know, because I wore it once as well... It was a wedding gift to me from the same woman who gave it to you. I know the powers it gives you, but I know of the cost, too. I can help you... if you want. Just say the word.
  • Heretic: Sentimental pleas will not spare you from my blade! Do not waste your breath with such empty promises. I know why you've come. I killed your son. I killed Damian, didn't I? [deep breath] My days are already numbered then... so you can kill me if you have the skill... or not. I'm a dead man either way.
  • Batman: You didn't kill Damian... not for a lack of trying.
  • Heretic: Liar! I already told you, you cannot save me! But that doesn't mean my mission is over. I still serve the League and will do so until my last breath.
  • Batman: Your life cannot mean so little.
  • Heretic: You know nothing about my life or who I am!
  • Batman: Then educate me.
  • Heretic: [chuckle] Oh, you'd love that, wouldn't you? Wouldn't you? [footsteps] Well, how about this? I'm nobody! I never was! My whole life, I was a puppet! I was made to be a puppet and so I'll die a puppet as well... It's the only way to give myself purpose, to give my forgery of a life a purpose! [whoosh]
  • [metallic deflection, metal on metal scrape, blade clattering on ground, whack, whack, groan, smack, whack, forearm, breaking, shout, whack, hiss, thud]
  • Batman: You can't beat me, Heretic. [footsteps, cape fluttering]
  • Heretic: Then kill me and be done with it!
  • Batman: Do not press me... You won't get what you want, but you'll wish for death when I'm done... Now, last chance: yield or we do this the hard way.
  • Heretic: [chuckle] The hard way it is... [gas spraying, cough, cough, rapid footsteps, cough, choke, chuckle, sniff, chuckle, cough, laughter, maniacal laughter]

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