Team Building Exercises 30

VOX Box: Team Building Exercises 30



  • Watchtower, Earth's Orbit
  • June 14th 2017, 2023 EST

VOX Archive

  • Blue Beetle: [sigh] Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Watchtower duty, Skeets?
  • Skeets: Only 9,356 timses since May 7th, 2009, sir.
  • Blue Beetle: So nowhere near enough then. Gotcha. [typing on smart glass console] Oh... [beep] Superman, curse correct fifteen degrees to the right or you'll shoot by the flooded village without ever seeing it. There you go. Good job. [beep, sigh]
  • Skeets: Fine job, sir. You corrected that course like a boss if I say so.
  • Blue Beetle: Do me a favor and turn your sincerity coding up by 45% until the end of my shift.
  • Skeets: Acknowledged, sir. [scream]
  • Blue Beetle: [chair swiveling] What was that?
  • Skeets: My analytics suggest that was Miss da Costa screaming. Shall I investigate?
  • Blue Beetle: No need... According to my sensors, she's quickly approaching the monitor station.
  • Fire: [beep, door opens, footsteps: 2 instances] Blue, is this some sort of stupid joke of yours?
  • Blue Beetle: Is what a jo- Uh... Where'd that kid come from? And why are you in your underwear, Bea?
  • Skeets: Oh my...
  • "Sam Kane": Can you please let go of my ear, Beatriz?!
  • Fire: Booster and I were in my room and we were... Busy. I step out for a moment to change and I come back and this kid is sitting in my bed.
  • Blue Beetle: And your first thought was behind this? [scoff] Thanks...
  • "Sam Kane": Hey, seriously, Bea! It's me! It's Booster! Ted, tell her it's me.
  • Blue Beetle: Uh...
  • Skeets: Sir, I am currently scanning school databases to determine an identity so we can contact the parents.
  • "Sam Kane": Skeets, it's me! It's Booster!
  • Fire: Maybe our scuffle with Klarion yesterday had a delayed effect? Maybe Klarion cursed Booster?
  • "Sam Kane": Oh! Yeah! Maybe that's it! Ted? Ted?
  • Blue Beetle: Look, kid... I've known Booster Gold since we were kids. You're not him... even as a kid.
  • "Sam Kane": I'm Booster Gold, dammit! Listen to me!
  • "Lizzie Dahl": [beep, door opens, footsteps] Ted, I don't know how, but I know you're behind this! Somehow!
  • Blue Beetle: Fire, get over here... It's an epidemic. [feet climbing on chair] And why does everyone think I'm behind this?!
  • Fire: Who are you girl?
  • "Lizzie Dahl": It's me, Bea! It's Karen! Y'know, Power Girl?!
  • "Sam Kane": [scoff] You're not Power girl...
  • "Lizzie Dahl": Yeah? Who are you supposed to be, short-stack?!
  • "Sam Kane": Booster Gold, d'uh...
  • "Lizzie Dahl": Yeah, okay... I actually believe that. It be so nice to have your age finally match our maturity.
  • Blue Beetle: Skeets, how's that search going?

Trivia and Notes

  • Part of the Artifacts Storyline.
  • Story continues from VOX Box: Team Building Exercises 29.
  • Story continues in VOX Box: Team Building Exercises 31.
  • Debut of Beatriz da Costa/Fire.
  • When the H-Dial turned Lizzie Dahl and Sam Kane into Power Girl and Booster Gold, respectively, the two heroes were also turned into the children.
  • Everybody thinks Ted is behind it because he is a well known practical joker. His jokes are at their most severe when he is bored... Ted is never as bored as when he gets stuck with monitor duty.

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