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[[Category:Artifacts Storyline]]

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Team Building Exercises 29

VOX Box: Team Building Exercises 29

Characters Edit

Location Edit

  • Unknown Location
  • June 14th 2017, 2018 EST

VOX Archive Edit

  • Ellie MacKay: Okay, kiddos... It's bedtime. [footsteps] Oh, hey, whatcha doing in here?
  • Lizzie Dahl: Sammy found this weird phone looking thing in his duffel. [phone rotary clicking] We think it might be a puzzle box or somethin'. We found out when you crank four it lights up, but then it goes dim 'gain with any other number after it... unless the next number is three... and then it stays lit. What we got is four, three, and now we're trying six.
  • Sam Kane: [phone rotary clicking, low hum] No dice. Okay... Four... [phone rotary clicking] Three... [phone rotary clicking] Seven? [phone rotary clicking] Hey! It's still lit up!
  • Ellie MacKay: Oh, I love a good puzzle. Scoot over. Let me see here. Oh, yeah, see... There's letters under the numbers, kids. I bet you whatever the code is, it spells a word. So...
  • Sam Kane: [phone rotary clicking, low hum] It's not one...
  • Lizzie Dahl: Hmm. Let's see then... Four, Three, and Seven... What can those spell? G-E-P?
  • Sam Kane: H-E-S?
  • Ellie MacKay: Kids... H-E-R. Her! Try seven again. Maybe its 'hers'? It could be a jewelry box or something
  • Sam Kane: [phone rotary clicking, phone rotary clicking, phone rotary clicking, phone rotary clicking, low hum] Nope. It ain't hers.
  • Lizzie Dahl: Ah, I know what it is! It's H-E-R-O! Dial four, three, seven, six. Do it, Sammy. Actually, no, let me... [clatter]
  • Sam Kane: Hay, I found it! It's mine.
  • Ellie MacKay: Let her have a try, Sam. Here... Have some chocolate. [foil crinkling, doorbell ring] I'll get that. You two play nice... [footsteps, door closing, fading footsteps]
  • Lizzie Dahl: Ha! I win. Now, let's see... [phone rotary clicking, phone rotary clicking, phone rotary clicking, phone rotary clicking, vorpal crackle]
  • Power Girl: Huh... Nothing happened. Wait, I'm tall?!
  • Sam Kane: [chewing chocolate] Hmm? [gasp, clatter] Uh... Hi there. Where'd Lizzie go?
  • Power Girl: What you playin' at, Sammy? I am Lizzie... I'm just... uh... in some nifty clothes and tall and... I've got boobs?!
  • Sam Kane: Shh. Keep it down... Give me that. [clatter] Look at yourself in the mirror. See?
  • Power Girl: I'm... I'm not Lizzie... I'm Power Girl? How'd that happen? [phone rotary clicking, phone rotary clicking] Sammy... What are you doing? You shouldn't play with that.
  • Sam Kane: [phone rotary clicking] You're not a real grown up, Lizzie. You can't tell me what to do. [ phone rotary clicking, vorpal crackle]
  • Booster Gold: Did it work?
  • Power Girl: Uh... Yeah. I'd say so. Look.
  • Booster Gold: [groan] Oh man! How come you get to be Power Girl and I'm stuck being Booster Gold?
  • Power Girl: Obviously, it measures yer coolness. Since I have more of that, I get to be the cooler hero.
  • Booster Gold: That's so not it! It must just be random. So wait... Do you actually have powers?
  • Power Girl: I don't know... That's a good question. How do I che- [flames erupting] Ah!
  • Booster Gold: Ah! Ah! My hair! Put it out! Put it out!
  • Power Girl: How?
  • Booster Gold: Use your frost breath!
  • Power Girl: Right... [blowing breath] Uh... [deep breath, hurricane force wind, body hitting drywall, drywall crumbling, thud, body bouncing, body hitting brick wall] Whoopsie...
  • Booster Gold: [painful groan] Well... You put the fire out. [groan] God job!
  • Ellie MacKay: [enhancement:] Kids?! What's going on down there?!
  • Power Girl: Oh. No... We're in trouble if she sees we broke the wall!
  • Booster Gold: Forget the wall! She's going to freak when she sees Booster Gold and Power Girl with no sign of Sam and Lizzie!
  • Power Girl: This is true... Here. I have an idea. [window opening] Come here! Okay, hold on! Up, up, and awaaaaaayie! [screaming, fading screaming: 2 instances, thud, car alarm]

Trivia and Notes Edit

  • Part of the Artifacts Storyline.
  • Story continues from VOX Box: Team Building Exercises 28.
  • Story continues in VOX Box: Team Building Exercises 30.
  • The "Hero Dial" is an old rotary phone looking device. It's from the comic book series "Dial H for Hero". Depending on the continuity, it turned ordinary people into heroes or gave them powers, et cetera. Obviously, to properly recreate the DC Universe, the Monitor needed to make the H-Dial as well. He's just been storing it for safekeeping.

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