Team Building Exercises 12

VOX Box: Team Building Exercises 12



  • Park Row District, Gotham City, NJ
  • May 2nd 2017, 0001 EST

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  • Hotshot: [footsteps, puddle splash, railed door opening] What is this place?
  • Spider-Bat: Old hardware store. Been shutdown since '07. I gathered from Kela app on my glass phone.
  • Hotshot: You think this is his lair? [footsteps, puddle splash, railed door closing]
  • Spider-Bat: It's possible. [footsteps] Hardware store makes a pretty handy place to fill a murder bag for a serial killer that likes to improvise.
  • Panthra: You talk too much.
  • Hotshot: I'm sorry. I didn't catch your name.
  • Panthra: Panthra.
  • Hotshot: I've read some briefings on you.
  • Panthra: Good for you.
  • Underworld Killer: Hello, Batman... [industrial lights turning on] I was wondering when you'd- Wait, you're not Batman!
  • Spider-Bat: I'm bat-affiliated... kinda... See my chest?
  • Hotshot: I know Batgirl.
  • Underworld Killer:' No bother... The headlines tomorrow will just have to read: 'Three wannabe heroes found dead' instead of 'Bye Bye Batman!
  • Spider-Bat:' Or... They could say: 'Underworld Killer Turns Out To Be Brain-Dead Moron!
  • Underworld Killer: I'm not brain-dead!
  • Spider-Bat: ... Yet.
  • Underworld Killer: You can talk the talk, but let's see if you can walk the walk! [maniacal laughter] Between you and me, there's about fifty yards and no less than fifteen different paths you can take. Want to play a game? See how many of those pathsare booby trapped.
  • Hotshot: [arrow nocked, bowstring pulled back, electric crackle] How about I just shoot you with a taser arrow?
  • Panthra: Wait, no! I smell- [arrow loosed, explosion, bodes hitting wall: 3 instances, hiss, grunts: 2 instances] -propane...
  • Underworld Killer: [maniacla laughter] Whoops... Try again! Oh, and just to save you from cooking yourselves again... [knock, knock] Bulletproof glass. What? Ddi you think I was just going to walk out, introduce myself to you, and let you shoot me in the face? Give me some credit!
  • Spider-Bat: I don't blame you Hotshot... I want to shoot him in the face too... Wait, what're you doing?
  • Hotshot: Relax. It's just a phone...I'm taking a picture. [camera shutter effect, beep, beep] sent it to Oracle.
  • Spider-Bat: Oh, good... So when we die in here, at least we know that the Birds of Prey will avenge our deaths.
  • Panthra: We are not dying in here. Give me a minute. [sniff, sniff]
  • Spider-Bat: You're right... Oh, I know! Here's an idea... Why don't we just leave?
  • Underworld Killer: Huh?
  • Spider-Bat: Yeah... Let's backtrack. Open the door, Hotshot.
  • Hotshot: Yeah, there we go... [electric crackle] Ouch! No.. No... He's thought of that, too.
  • Underworld Killer: This isn't my first intricately trapped death-dungeon, you know. Means of escape is the first thing I take into consideration.
  • Panthra: But you were planning to trap Batman? How well do your traps hold up against something like me? [rapid footsteps, foot striking wall, body tumbling, pneumatic hiss, whoosh, bang, explosion, rapid footsteps, clattering, spring-louded snap, whoosh, explsoion, electric crackle, thwip, whoosh, bang, whoosh, rapid footsteps, feral growl, slam, glass cracking, slam, glass cracking, feral growl]
  • Underworld Killer: Fine, you win... But next time! I'll prepare something special for you, Miss Kitty! [slam, glass cracking, rapid footsteps, door opens]
  • Panthra: [huff, quiet footfalls, sigh, sniff, sniff, lever pulled down, electric thrum] I think the traps are shut down now.
  • Spider-Bat: That was wicked! Whoo! Way to go, partner!
  • Panthra: We're not partners...
  • Spider-Bat: Yeah... That's why I said Panthra. Did you hear partner? [nervous chuckle] I didn't say that... Must've been the bad accoustics in here.
  • Hotshot: Quick... Let's go after him!
  • Panthra: [footsteps stop, leather coat being clenched] No. He wants us to do that. That corridor he ran down is filling with toxic fumes. We must leave.

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