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  • [Ambient Filter: muffled rock music, muffled mass applause, eldritch thrum]
  • Ramona Flowers: Seriously, Scott... What was that?
  • Scott Pilgrim: [feet shuffling] Hey... How'd you get here so fast?
  • Ramona Flowers: [sigh, skatey skate, skate, brake] These things.
  • Scott Pilgrim: Your rollerblades?
  • Ramona Flowers: Yeah. That and the use of subspace.
  • Scott Pilgrim: You can go from Maple City to... Where are we? Michigan in fifteen minutes?
  • Ramona Flowers: Yeah... I can go a helluva lot faster than that if I need to, but- [pant] It wasn't easy. Even with my Dream Blades I brought, I used up a month's worth of built-up worship. [scoff] You're going to need to appreciate the hell out of me.
  • Scott Pilgrim: I- I appreciate you, Ramona- I-
  • Ramona Flowers: No, I'm serious, Scott. I need you to keep me in your thoughts. Maybe even make a sacrifice to me. I used up a lot of juice for nothing.
  • Scott Pilgrim: Sacrifice?
  • Ramona Flowers: [chuckle] It was a joke, mostly. [sigh, grapple, fabric shifting] But I'll take a kiss. [kiss, moan, prolonged kiss, relieved sigh] That helps...
  • Scott Pilgrim: Wait... [pause] You're saying that me kissing you-
  • Ramona Flowers: It takes the edge off the energy expenditure. Yes.
  • Scott Pilgrim: My kiss heals you? [gasp] I'm like a fairytale prince?
  • Ramona Flowers: Uh... [dry chuckle] You're my knight in graphic tees, Scott. Let's take one step at a time. I've explained I'm a sort of goddess, right?
  • Scott Pilgrim: Right... Like Aphrodite or Wonder Woman?
  • Ramona Flowers: Sure, close enough. Yeah, well, my body metabolizes psychic energy focused on me. I use that to maintain my anchor on the mortal plane.
  • Scott Pilgrim: Huh... Do you need to eat?
  • Ramona Flowers: Well, no. I could survive off that psychic energy alone, but my body is flesh and blood- Well, flesh and ichor technically, but- [chuckle, sigh] Look, eating nourishes my body just the same as it does yours. This body I have is very much just as real as yours. I can get hungry or tired the same as you. I can even get sick or age if I don't get enough worship or if I use up too much of it. [pause] Does that make sense, Scott?
  • Scott Pilgrim: I think I got it... Lucas said you and him used to do more than date.
  • Ramona Flowers: Oh, yeah? He mention we fought in wars together or-?
  • Scott Pilgrim: He said you used to be the same person.
  • Ramona Flowers: [sigh] Yeah... That's true, I guess. That's what Gideon and the others say. I've got no reason not to believe that. [pause]
  • [Ambient Filter: muffled rock music, muffled mass applause, eldritch thrum]
  • Ramona Flowers: It sounds like the concert is coming to a close... I should be getting back.
  • Scott Pilgrim: Wait, won't that use up a lot of your energy or-?
  • Ramona Flowers: Yeah, but what other choice do I have? If your friends see me here they're going to know something is up with me...
  • Scott Pilgrim: [sigh] You can trust them.
  • Ramona Flowers: [pause] Scott, I've trusted mortals before and- [sigh] It's always better the less they know about my nature.
  • Scott Pilgrim: Fine... but- [footsteps, door closes]
  • [Ambient Filter: muffled mass applause, eldritch thrum]
  • Ramona Flowers: Scott! [skatey skate skate, brake, clatter, door opens, groan] You know how much energy it requires to recreate that route?
  • Scott Pilgrim: Sorry, but-
  • Ramona Flowers: I kept the door open for a reason.
  • Scott Pilgrim: Ramona-
  • Ramona Flowers: What?
  • Scott Pilgrim: The Hex Girls are putting us up in a hotel suite. Since you're here... Stay with me tonight, let me... [footsteps, grapple] worship you.
  • Ramona Flowers: [giggle] Oh, when you put it that way... How can I possibly say no? [kiss]
  • Scott Pilgrim: I can help recharge you and you can leave in the morning.
  • Ramona Flowers: Sure, Scott... [kiss] but what do I tell your friends?
  • Scott Pilgrim: Tell them, uh, you caught a flight to come see the show?
  • Ramona Flowers: I could do that... Hold on. [zipper unzipping, subspace schism, subspace crackle]
  • Scott Pilgrim: What the hell?
  • Ramona Flowers: Hmm? [pause] Oh, that's my subspace suitcase. I haven't shown you this? Hold on.
  • Scott Pilgrim: ...
  • Ramona Flowers: Scott? I need you to-
  • Scott Pilgrim: Oh, literally hold on to you. Got it. [grapple]
  • Ramona Flowers: Yeah, just need to- [grunt, click, click, grunt, clatter, subspace crackle] -ditch the skates if I'm saying I came from the airport. [grunt, click, click, grunt, clatter, subspace crackle] Thanks.
  • Scott Pilgrim: Where did they-? [pause] Can I-?
  • Ramona Flowers: Yeah, it's perfectly safe, just-
  • Scott Pilgrim: [subspace crackle, chuckle] Ooo, it's really cold.
  • Ramona Flowers: Yeah. While you're fumbling around in there, grab me shoes.
  • Scott Pilgrim: Shoes? Sure, uh, where are- [gasp, subspace crackle] It was like they just jumped into my hands.
  • Ramona Flowers: Yeah, cool, huh? [zipper zips, clatter] Thanks. [socked footsteps, clamber, clatter, grunt, clatter, clatter, shoelaces tying, knot cinching] There! Oh, cute shoes you picked out for me, Scott! So, Mr. Pilgrim, you just gonna stand there or are you going to introduce your girlfriend to the Hex Girls? I'm dying to meet them.
  • Scott Pilgrim: Oh, right... [footsteps]
  • [hands clasping together, footsteps: 2 instances, door closes]

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