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Gray Areas

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  • Amanda Waller: [heels clacking] Colonel. Where's your squad?
  • Rick Flag: [footsteps] Unloading the chopper, Deputy Director. I figured you'd want to see this immediately. We got it.
  • Amanda Waller: That's it? Hmm... Smaller than I imagined.
  • Rick Flag: Yes, ma'am.
  • Marian Grange: [heels clacking] Is that it?
  • Amanda Waller: District attorney Grange. I... I wasn't expecting to see you here. I thought we had an appointment for Friday.
  • Marian Grange: We do, however, you told me that you were expecting a solution to the Arkham's incarceration problems. I had my contacts in Arkham keep me informed as to your presence as I figured you'd have your Suicide Squad handle the transport of this 'magic cure-all'. So, when I heard you checked in here-
  • Amanda Waller: You're spying on me?
  • Marian Grange: Don't try to intimidate me anymore, Amanda. This is my city, my prison, my rules. Now, is that the solution? It doesn't look like much.
  • Amanda Waller: It might be. It is still untested. Hence the reason I arranged to discuss this matter with you on Friday.
  • Marian Grange: [scoff] I fail to see how this little thing is going to solve our problems.
  • Amanda Waller: It is Kryptonian technology. Yes, as in Superman. This alien tech opens a protal to prison dimension. The same prison that holds Doomsday.
  • Marian Grange: You want to send criminals to another dimension?
  • Amanda Waller: Just the ones that have no purpose or hope of rehabilitation. Like, say... the Joker? You can't say having to never see that clown again isn't tempting.
  • Marian Grange: But what happens if we put them in this... other place, and we have need of them later or find out we've mae a mistake?
  • Amanda Waller: Maybe a demonstration is in order. Colonel, have Lock-Up find us a volunteer.
  • Rick Flag: Yes, am'am. [click] Lock-Up, we need a prisoner at my location.
  • Lock-Up: [speaker crackle] Acknowledged.
  • Rick Flag: It'll be just a minute now.
  • Lock-Up: [footsteps: 2 intances, chains rattling] Not even that, Flag. I had this one en route to the shower.
  • Amanda Waller: William Cobb. You're looking... healthy, for once.
  • "William Cobb": Wish I could say the same for you, Director.
  • Amanda Waller: [chuckle] Yes, he'll do nicely. Flag, if you'd do the honors.
  • Rick Flag: Yes, am'am.
  • "William Cobb": Whoa, whoa, whoa... Is that- Where the hell did you get a Phantom Zone Generator?
  • Rick Flag: That's none of your damn business, prisoner!
  • Amanda Waller: Hold on there, Flag... [heels clacking] How do you know what this is?
  • "William Cobb": Uh... You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight? [DISTRESS SIGNAL PHRASE: 'Grayson, Richard'. Notification Failed. Partition Blocked]
  • Amanda Waller: Excuse me?

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