• Arnold Drake High School: High school in Midway City, MI.
  • Benvie Tech: School, once attended by Kim Pines before activation of her meta-gene.
  • Brentwood Academy: Private school in Gotham City.
  • Burnside High School: High School, attended by Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe.
  • Cameron Kane High School: High school in Gotham, employs Jefferson Pierce.
  • Charles Wilson High School: High School in Granville, Kansas.
  • Cyrus Pinkney High School: High School in Gotham City. Once attended by Aaron Cash.
  • Dan Jurgens Middle School: Middle School in Metropolis, attended by Jon Kent.
  • Dennis Peterson High School: High school.
  • Fialkov Junior High School: Junior High in Star City. Once attended by Tig Rafelson.
  • Maple City Metahuman Academy: School in Maple City, Canada.
  • Otto Binder High School: School in Fawcett City.
  • P. David Middle School: Middle School in Coast City, CA.
  • Papp Academy: Private School located in Star City.
  • Red Cloud School: High school attended by Charles Great Eagle.
  • Saint Elias School for Girls: School in Gateway, attended by Sally McKnight, Muffy St. James and Kim Moss.
  • Scott McDaniel High School: High School in Blüdhaven. Once attended by James Wheeler.
  • Smallville High School: Alma Mater of Clark Kent, Lana Lang, Chloe Sullivan, etc.
  • St. Joel's Metahuman Academy: Meta-School, once attended by Scott Pilgrim, Lisa Miller, and Kim Pine.
  • Sydney Happerson High School: High School in Metropolis, DE.

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