Titus: 2014 - 2016

Under the recommendation of Leslie Thompkins, Bruce brought home this canine to give Damian as a means of helping him adjust to life in Gotham. Damian named the dog after the protagonist of what is quite possibly Shakespeare’s bloodiest and most gruesome work (it’s Damian, so what else did I expect?). Bruce tried to convince Damian to name the dog “Ace” after the German Sheppard that reigned on the Wayne State back when Dick Grayson was the boy wonder, but Damian really wanted to name the dog “Titus”. So he did.

Titus is not just an ordinary dog, though. Titus was bred, raised, and trained to be world-class guard dog and has been further trained by Bruce as something of a covert bodyguard for Damian, in case the League ever tries to take Damian back into their fold. On a handful of cases, we have had success using Titus in the field when a dog’s olfactory senses could be used and he once alerted Alfred to a particularly unwanted visitor in the Batcave by the name of Man-Bat.

I do not have much experience with the dog myself, Damian asked me to tend to him for a month in the summer once while Damian was out of town with the Titans. I lied and said my building has rules against pets. So I think Titus ended up staying with Kate, or Helena, or Dinah or something… I don’t remember. You know what? I don’t know what I’m doing here. I’m writing nonsense about a dog… Seriously? I have this much time on my hands I’m profiling a dog like he’s a member of our team or something? What should we call him, “Bat-Hound”?

I give up. Oracle out.[1]

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Trivia and Notes


  • Titus' favorite food is chopped steak.
  • He adores Damian (due to an imprint), obeys Bruce and Alfred, likes Sasha's shoes, avoids Cassandra, and mistrusts Tim.
  • One of his offspring is Ace the Bathound.

Links and References

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