After the JLA was founded in 2004, Robin and Batgirl were a bit miffed that they couldn't join due to their age so Bruce Wayne pocketed up some money to build a "clubhouse"/training center for them, that also gave Beast Boy and Victor Stone (who had just become Cyborg) a place to crash.

Since then, the Tower has housed five generations of Titans (and their respective mentors) and now also serves as a headquarters for the West Coast members of the Outsiders.

Trivia and Notes


  • Ground floor and second floor have most of the living space needs, floors three to seven have the sleeping quarters. The top floor is their command center with Proxy's monitor station, conference room, and the hydraulically lifted hangar for their modified javelin, the "T-Jet". The basement has their training facilities and the sub-basement has their garage, workshop, and marina.
  • The "subgroups apartments" used to just be apartments for each member to have their own area of privacy when there were more generations and a larger student body, it was decided that current residents and alumni would share apartments to help the mentors and other chaperones keep an eye on the youth in exchange for them getting to have an "alumni room".
  • Babs does have a room, it's just on the lower floors to better accommodate her wheelchair.
  • There are also larger living areas for all the Titans to use, these other living rooms are just for semblance of privacy.[1]

Links and References

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