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The First Generation

What would become the Titans started with Beast Boy hanging out with Robin and Batgirl during the "super friends" era in 2003.

After the JLA was founded,in 2004, Robin and Batgirl were a bit miffed that they couldn't join due to their age, so Bruce Wayne pocketed up some money to build a "clubhouse"/training center for them, that also gave Beast Boy and Victor Stone (who had just become Cyborg) a place to crash. Raven showed up soon thereafter, needing friends and heroes to ally with to stop her father. Within the first year, Starfire also joined.

Batgirl was shot that summer and went into a coma, so Robin became part-time about the same time Terra showed up. The team finally broke up after Terra's death. But some members of the JLA still believed in the program, so Oliver Queen partnered with Bruce to sponsor an expansion for the next generation.

The Brat Pack

Who were the "Brat Pack"? That's the nickname given to Titans of the second generation who had the sponsoring of an already established mentor. Originally, this included Superman's cousin Kara Zor-El (aka: Karen Kent, aka: Supergirl), Batman's adopted son Jason Todd (aka: Robin) and his friend Helena Bertinelli (aka: Batgirl), Green Arrow's adopted son Roy Harper (aka: Speedy), Icon's protege Raquel Ervin (aka: Rocket), and Wonder Woman's sister Donna Troy (aka: Wonder Girl); but the term was also later applied to Aquaman's two proteges Aqualad and Aquagirl (Garth & Tula) and Green Arrow's younger sister Thea Queen (Arrowette).

The Titans of the second generation came together after the first team disbanded because of Terra's death. Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen believed in the Titans program, but did not have the time to fully develop it so they agreed to allow a new group of sidekicks to start their own program, trying to pick up the pieces of the last group. Right off the bat, the Brat Pack was born as Karen, Jason, Helena, Roy, Raquel, and Donna were the first ones to move into the Tower, joining Beast Boy and Raven who still lived there after the previous generation had disband. Right off the bat, they decided to hold try outs. The last group of Titans had limited their ranks to six, but only because they sort of assumed the Justice League needed to place new members into the program. As befitting their personalities, the Brat Pack did not ask the League for permission and just set out to do their own thing.

After tryouts, they had three new members: Rose Wilson, Blue Beetle, and Booster Gold. There were a few other wannabes that gave it a shot, but even the Brat Pack didn't feel comfortable with letting this sort join something which could actually get them killed. It was shortly after this that a noticeable clique formed within the ranks and Blue Beetle was the one who first coined the term "Brat Pack" after he noticed the trend of when something went wrong he and Booster got scolded harsher than the others or it was assumed they had been responsible (which may have been true most of the time, but not always). While Rose never let scolding bother her, Booster and Beetle decided to get their own mentor... and so in their off-time, they began schmoozing up different Justice Leaguers. Booster really wanted to be a Green Lantern while Beetle hoped Batman was interested in having some more proteges. In the end, they moved to Hub City and shadowed the Question and while he may have taught them some valuable lessons, they were a bit disappointed to find out he had no interest in coming to their defense when it was disciplinary hearing time.

The clique was pretty much restricted to that sense. Beetle and Booster were not shunned by any means and got up to just as much mischief (or more) than the others. Some of the notable antics that the Gen-2 Titans were known for included Roy and Jason breaking into the Hall of Justice to street race the back-up Arrow Rod and Batmobile through National City, the boys sneaking into the girls' locker room and Karen retaliating by X-Ray visioning her male classmates and telling gal pals in the Titans who was the "least impressive," a Red Kryptonite influenced Karen making out with Donna while on a late night talk show, Beetle and Booster doing a bunch of commercial advertisements, Booster selling space on his uniform, Rose had a number of arrests for underage drinking or public indecency, and Helena and Raquel had habit of flipping off paparazzi or news cameras in addition to having quite the potty mouth on live TV on many occasions.

Beast Boy and Raven were mostly not part of any major scandals themselves, caught up in their own teen romance at the time, but they were part of many group activities like some wild parties that the Titans hosted in the Tower, some racy social media photos, and the media had a field day when it was rumored that Raven had led the team into hell.

Eventually, as the ranks grew to include the Aqua-kids, Hawks, and so forth, the Titans bonded more as a whole, but the Brat Pack term stuck around as a shorthand reference to those with mentors.

When the Hawks joined up, they reined in the team at first, but even their immortal souls gave way to teenage hormones and they had a number of scandals, usually involving the two expressing their eternal love for one another at inappropriate times. Thea had a notorious drug problem in her personal life and it threatened her dual identity many times when Arrowette was photographed swiping drugs off dealers she had just caught or getting high in a back alley while in costume. And of course, the Atlanteans were no exception to scandal. Tula and Garth were both photographed skinny-dipping (though they both claimed they were bathing in the Atlantean fashion) and they were known for making derogatory remarks toward "surfacers" and having controversial (some say barbaric) political opinions.

As a whole, the Titans of this generation were media superstars and were adored by teenagers and young adults while lawmakers called them bad role models and comedians made them the butt of jokes. Reacting to this, the Justice League decided that the Titans needed more chaperones and so the practice started of a Justice Leaguer pulling Tower duty started, in addition to the already established regular chaperone Red Tornado (whose behavior was also seemingly affected by the Titans who taught the digital lifeform some interesting new personality quirks that the League did not find amusing).

Eventually, Cyborg decided that the Justice League wasn't the right fit for him and he went back to spending most of his time at Titans Tower and so the Justice League decided to appoint Victor Stone as headmaster of the Titans program. At first, Vic just wanted to be one of the Titans himself, but he realized that these kids needed a leader. Clashing with his authority, Jason spent less time at the Tower and more time in Gotham, causing him to take on his private investigation without assistance... and ultimately he paid the price.

With the death of Jason Todd, the Brat Pack dissolved within months. Only Raquel remained from the original members of the clique to finish out the program.[1]

But Jason didn't stay dead and though he is different and changed, the Brat Pack followed Jason's example and sprung back to life. The Brat Pack and the Gen-2 Titans as a whole have a seasonally held tradition of getting together for a wild party. These parties used to be held on the rooftop of Titans Tower, but Victor Stone put an end to that, so now they meet at Ted or Karen's penthouse, crash the Fortress of Solitude, or even once had a week long camping trip in a remote part of the wilderness areas of Themyscira. Recently, they have taken to recapturing the recklessness of their youth with these parties and favor the idea of holding them somewhere they shouldn't. Rumor is their next party might be in the Watchtower itself.

The Team Titans

In 2009, when the Justice League was reorganized under ARGUS. and the U.N., Titans Tower was reopened with Cyborg as headmaster and his "Team" as the new generation of Titans. With other members joining afterwards.

Titans Academy

After the Fall of 2013, Titans Tower became more like a proper school, with Cyborg remaining as the headmaster and Red Tornado, Raven, Beast Boy, Proxy, and Paragon returning to the Tower as resident mentors for the next generation, and other members of the Justice League teaching classes here and there to further the young heroes' skill sets.

The roles of each student varies with the Titan. Cyborg gives them different grades according to their capability.

  • Freshmen do Tower training only.
  • Sophomores are allowed to go into the field with a mentor, but the field work is usually just elaborate training or street level patrols.
  • Junior Titans can go into the field with each other on patrols but for critical missions should be accompanied by at least one mentor.
  • Senior Titans are expected to help train the Freshmen and Sophomores and are usually tasked with leading Juniors on patrol. A senior can also go on patrol solo or with a partner.

Of course, there is a lit of precedence for defying the rules. Discipline is levies for offenses but no one is ever kicked out of the program (as that's just grounds for making a villain).

The curriculum changes frequently. Typically, there's a mix of full-time and part-time students. So... for the full-timers there's the basics like math, life science, physical science, social science, history, and the like during weekday daytime hours. For the part-timers, there's evening, weekend, and summer classes with a more heroic slant: hand-to-hand combat, parkour, training with gadgets, driving, piloting, etc.

The basics are usually taught by mentors while the others are typically taught by the Justice League and those typically rotate instructors. So, one weekend, Batman might teach a forensics class and the next weekend, it'll be Elastic Man.

The Justice League members usually teach more hands-on stuff. Things that can be taught piece-meal, in a contained session or over the course of a few sessions. So Batman might teach how to run a DNA test, the way he would do it. Next time that's taught, it may be Flash teaching the class and he'll teach they way he does it. That way Batman doesn't have to commit himself to teaching a course on forensics every Saturday morning for nine months.[2]

List of Titans Members

Character Real Name Enrollment Sponsor Departure Recognition Status
First Class
Robin I Dick Grayson Founding Member Batman Left Full-Time Status in Fall of 2004 Class Leader Alumnus Mentor (as Nightwing)
Batgirl I Barbara Gordon Founding Member Wonder Woman Left Full-Time Status in Summer of 2004 due to injury Alumna Mentor (as Oracle)
Beast Boy Garfield Logan Founding Member Martian Manhunter Graduated to Mentor in Summer of 2008 Full-Time Mentor
Cyborg Victor Stone Winter of 2004 The Flash Joined the Justice League in 2006 Class Leader after Robin's departure Headmaster
Raven Rachel Roth Spring of 2004 Black Canary Graduated to Mentor in Summer of 2008 Assistant Headmaster
Starfire Koriand'r Summer of 2004 Superman Joined the Justice League in 2006 Alumna Mentor
Terra Tyra Markov Summer of 2004 Green Arrow Listed as KIA in Winter of 2006 Reinstated as Full-Time Mentor in Fall of 2016
Fall 2004 - Summer 2005
Supergirl I Kara Zor-El / Karen Kent Fall of 2004 Superman Left Full-Time Status in Fall of 2006 Class Leader Alumna Mentor (as Power Girl)
Speedy I Roy Harper Fall of 2004 Green Arrow Left Full-Time Status in Fall of 2006 Alumnus Mentor (as Arsenal)
Rocket Raquel Ervin Fall of 2004 Martian Manhunter Left in Winter of 2007 for a Medical Need (Pregnancy) Alumna Mentor
Wonder Girl I Donna of Troy Fall of 2004 Wonder Woman Left Full-Time Status in Fall of 2006 Alumna Mentor (as Darkstar)
Robin II Jason Todd Winter of 2005 Batman Listed as KIA in Fall of 2006 Alumnus, Unlisted as KIA in Summer of 2013
Batgirl II Helena Bertinelli Winter of 2005 Black Canary Left Full-Time Status in Fall of 2006 Alumna Mentor (as Huntress)
Ravager Rose Worth Spring of 2005 The Flash Quit in Winter of 2007 First to "Audition" Inactive
Fall 2005 - Summer 2006
Aqualad I Garth ta'Idyl Fall of 2005 Batman Left Full-Time Status in Summer of 2007 Class Leader Alumnus Mentor (as Tempest)
Aquagirl I Tula zin'Marius Fall of 2005 Wonder Woman Left Full-Time Status in Summer of 2007 Alumna Mentor (as Tula)
Arrowette I Thea Queen Fall of 2005 Green Arrow Quit in Fall of 2006 Inactive
Blue Beetle Ted Kord Fall of 2005 The Flash Joined Extreme Justice in Spring of 2007 Auditioned for his Sponsorship Alumnus Mentor
Booster Gold Michael Jon Carter Fall of 2005 Martian Manhunter Joined Extreme Justice in Spring of 2007 Auditioned for his Sponsorship Alumnus Mentor
Hawkboy Carter Hall Fall of 2005 Superman Left Full-Time Status in Spring of 2007 Auditioned for his Sponsorship Alumnus Mentor (as Hawkman)
Hawkgirl Shiera Sanders Fall of 2005 Black Canary Left in Spring of 2007 for a Medical Need (Pregnancy) Auditioned for her Sponsorship Alumna Mentor (as Hawkwoman)
2006 - 2007
Bumblebee Karen Beecher Class Leader
Herald Mal Duncan
Damage Grant Pratt
Nuklon AJ Pratt
Forager N/A
Fire Beatriz da Costa
Ice Tora Olafsdotter
"Young Justice"
Aqualad II Jackson Hyde Summer of 2007 Cyborg Graduated in Summer of 2012 Class Leader of "Young Justice" Alumnus Mentor (as Kaldur'ahm)
Wonder Girl II Cassandra Sandsmark Summer of 2007 Cyborg Graduated in Summer of 2012 Member of "Young Justice" Alumna Mentor
Kid Flash I Wally West Summer of 2007 Cyborg Graduated in Summer of 2012 Member of "Young Justice" Alumnus Mentor (as Impulse)
Superboy Kon-El / Conner Kent Summer of 2007 Cyborg Graduated in Summer of 2012 Member of "Young Justice" Alumnus Mentor (as Scion)
Miss Martian M'gann M'orzz Summer of 2007 Cyborg Graduated in Summer of 2012 Member of "Young Justice" Alumna Mentor
Speedy II Artemis Crock Summer of 2007 Cyborg Graduated in Summer of 2012 Member of "Young Justice" Alumna Mentor (as Tigress)
Omen Lilith Clay Summer of 2007 Cyborg Graduated in Summer of 2012 Member of "Young Justice" Alumna Mentor
2008 - 2009
Robin III Tim Drake Class Leader
Black Bat Cassandra Cain
Amethyst Amy Winston
Star-Spangled Kid Courtney Whitmore
Captain Marvel Billy Batson
Hawk I Hank Hall Fall of 2009 Listed as KIA in Summer of 2016
Dove I Don Hall Fall of 2009 Listed as KIA in Winter of 2013
2009 - 2010
Thunder Anissa Pierce Class Leader
Enigma Emily Nashton Went Rogue in Spring of 2014, Died in Fall of 2014
Card Queen Duela Dent
Red Star Leonid Kovar
Pantha Rosebelle Mendez
Proxy Wendy Harris
Paragon Marvin White
2010 - 2011
Micro Ryan Choi Class Leader
Giganta Doris Zeul
Argent Toni Monetti
Risk Cody Driscoll
Hotspot Isaiah Crockett
Prysm Audrey Spears
Fringe N/A
2011 - 2012
Lady Marvel Mary Bromfield Class Leader
King Marvel Freddy Freeman Fall of 2011
Lagoon Boy La'gaan
Aquagirl II Lorena Marquez
Spoiler Stephanie Brown
Son of Vulcan Miguel "Mikey" Devante
Empress Anita Fite
2012 - 2013
Bunker Miguel Barragan Class Leader
Bombshell Amy Allen
Atlee "Amanda Gray"
Kid Mercury Max West
Doctor Marvel Eugene Choi
Solstice Kiran Singh
Bushido Ryuko Orsono
2013 - 2014
Hardbody Caitlin Fairchild Class Leader
Freefall Roxie Spaulding
Grunge Eddie Chang
Burnout Bobby Lane
Rainmaker Sarah Rainmaker
Kid Eternity Kit
Silver Scarab Jaime Reyes
2014 - 2015
Red Arrow Connor Hawke Fall of 2014 Green Arrow Class Leader
Robin V Damian Wayne Fall of 2014 Batman
Arrowette II Emiko Queen Fall of 2014 Black Canary
Static Virgil Hawkins Fall of 2014 The Flash
Anima Courtney Mason Fall of 2014 Martian Manhunter
Mister Marvel Pedro Peña Fall of 2014 Superman
Immolation Ellie MacKay Fall of 2014 Wonder Woman Left in Autumn of 2016 for a Medical Need (Pregnancy)
2015 - 2016
Arclight Natasha Irons Fall of 2015 Class Leader
Girl 13 Traci Bandyopadhyay Fall of 2015
Supergirl II Cir-El / Mia Kent Fall of 2015
Lightning Jennifer Pierce Fall of 2015
Red Devil Eddie Bloomberg Fall of 2015
Zachary Zatara Zachary Zatara Fall of 2015
Sprout Tefé Holland Fall of 2015
2016 - 2017
Miss Quick Jessie Allen Fall of 2016 Class Leader
Kid Flash II Bart Allen Fall of 2016
Speedy III Mia Dearden Fall of 2016
Batgirl V Carrie Kelley Fall of 2016
Miss Marvel Darla Dudley Fall of 2016
Toymaster Hiro Okamura Fall of 2016
Plastic Lad Patrick Dibny Fall of 2016
Red Tornado Maxine Hunkel Summer of 2003 Mentor of the First Generation
Cyborg Victor Stone Fall of 2005 Headmaster of the Titan Academy
Beast Boy Garfield Logan Summer of 2009 Mentor of the third and fourth generations
Raven Rachel Roth Summer of 2009 Mentor of the third and fourth generations
STRIPES Pat Dugan Summer of 2009 Mentor of the third generation
Rocket Raquel Ervin Summer of 2009 Mentor of the third generation
Herald Malcolm Duncan Mentor of the third generation
Bumblebee Karen Beecher Mentor of the third generation
Paragon Marvin White Mentor of the fourth generation
Proxy Wendy Harris Mentor of the fourth generation

Trivia and Notes


  • Each class has a floor and a mentor assigned to them:
    • First Year/Second Floor: Beast Boy
    • Second Year/Third Floor: Paragon
    • Third Year/Fourth Year: Proxy
    • Fourth Year/Fifth Year: Raven
    • Fifth Year/Sixth Floor: Red Tornado
    • Graduates/Alumni/Staff/Seventh Floor: Cyborg
  • Honorary Members include Skeets, Baby Wildebeest, and Krypto.
  • The first generation of Titans appeared on a cover of a magazine with Sally Jupiter in her original costume.[3]
  • It is believed that they will became the "fourth generation of costumed vigilantes" and also will be the second generation of the Justice League when the founding members of that heroic group finally retire.


  • Unassigned Members - Definitely going to be Titans, just haven't figured out where they go in the timeline due to lack of sponsorship and narrative progress:

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