Tiresias was Erased from Continuity after being used as a power source by the Anti-Monitor for Canonization.

Trivia and Notes


  • "Tiresias" is an original character created by Foxy-Knight.
  • In ancient Greece, Tiresias was a blind prophet and counselor of king Cadmus in Thebes, and is often associated with the caduceus symbol (the twin snakes) held by Hermes. He made also a brief appearance in the Odyssey, when Odysseus calls up the spirits of the dead. In E27 he's named Tiresias because of that history, this man is a blind homo-psychoid as in a psychic humanoid. His psychic abilities consist of mind reading, mental manipulation, minor elemental control, some degree of teleportation and telekinesis. He's an insidious gun smuggler whom has operated under even Batman's radar and now has his mind set on taking over Gotham's underworld.[1]

Links and References

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