• Warren McGinnis meets Julie Madison.
  • Warren McGinnis and Julie Madison marry.
  • October 8th: Sara Diggle is born.


  • April 24th: Max Gibson is born.
  • July 7th: Dana Tan is born.
  • August 18th: Terry McGinnis is born.
  • Bruce Wayne checks if Julie Madison is fine and discovers Terry McGinnis is his son.


  • June 11th: Dana Tan's mother dies.


  • Zhora Mercer starts idolizing Lonnie Machin, she soon starts participating in DDOS attacks and joins his paramilitary organization.


  • Warren McGinnis receives an offer to work for Wayne Enterprises and a scholarship for his son.
  • January 3rd, 1013 EST: Julie and Warren McGinnis confront Bruce Wayne about Terry.
  • Warren McGinnis is hired by Wayne Enterprises.
  • April 10th: Matt McGinnis is born.


  • Dana Tan starts thinking about Terry McGinnis.
  • Zhora Mercer takes the moniker Rebel One.


  • Richard Grayson becomes a prosecutor.


  • Derek Powers rebrands AmerTek as Powers Global.
  • Lonnie Machin is ousted from command of his own movement by Ulysses Armstrong.
  • Zhora Mercer creates her own splinter cell named Undercloud. 
  • Richard tells Bruce his secret - he's been investigating the Court of Owls. 
  • 2020 District Attorney Election, Richard Grayson vs Marion Grange. Marion Grange wins.
  • Richard Grayson secures an invitation to the Court of Owls. 


  • Max Gibson receives a scholarship to Brentwood. Terry McGinnis and Max Gibson meet.


  • Bruce Wayne has a heart attack and is taken to a hospital.
  • Derek Powers uses a shell company and buys a controlling number of shares in Wayne Enterprises.
  • Derek Powers merges Powers Global and Wayne Enterprises into Wayne-Powers.
  • Lucius Fox is ousted from Wayne-Powers.
  • Lucius and Luke Fox create Foxteca. Luke Fox becomes Foxteca's president.
  • Warren and Julie McGinnis separate. Matt lives with Julie, Terry lives with his father.
  • Terry McGinnis is arrested and sent to a Juvenile Hall for three months on his way to pick up Dana Tan.
  • Terry makes enemies among Jokerz in the Juvenile Hall.
  • Terry McGinnis is released from juvenile detention.
  • October 5th: Terry and Dana's first date. Terry beats up 5 Jokerz.
  • October 12th: Terry and Dana's second date. Warren McGinnis dies after uncovering information about chemical weapons in Wayne-Powers. 
  • After Warren McGinnis' death, Julie McGinnis sells her house and studio in Burnside and moves to the Hill neighborhood of Gotham City to be closer to Terry’s school.
  • Terry McGinnis starts working for Bruce Wayne.
  • Richard Grayson becomes the District Attorney of Gotham-Blüdhaven Metropolitan Area.
  • December 29th, 1753 EST: Terry discovers Bruce Wayne's secret and starts testing his equipment.


  • Tim Drake is killed by the Joker.
  • The Bat Family falls apart.
    • Selina and Bruce argue. She takes her daughter and moves out.
    • Stephanie Drake leaves Gotham with her child.
    • Jason Todd leaves to travel the world.
    • Damian goes on a killing spree, killing the Jokerz. Bruce disowns his son, so he goes to his mother.
    • Cassandra Cain tries to take Tim's mantle, but Bruce rejects it. Cassandra leaves Gotham.
  • Terry McGinnis uncovers hidden information that Warren McGinnis had found, implicating Derek Powers.
  • Terry breaks into the Batcave and takes the mantle of Batman in order to avenge the death of his father.
  • Inque starts sabotaging Foxteca on the order of Derek Powers. Batman stops her.
  • Inque slips into the Batmobile and gets to the Batcave. She is frozen with Mr. Freeze's cryocannon.
  • Max Gibson develops a program that investigates whether other students have second lives.
  • Max Gibson discovers Terry's secret that he is Batman. She starts helping him.
  • Max Gibson becomes Oracle and starts training in the Batcave.



  • Rebel One blackmails Max Gibson into helping her reprogram first responder robots from Magnus Labs.
  • March 11th, 1525 EST: Max Gibson gives Rebel One the master switch. She wants to activate Will Magnus' robots. Max and Batman take down Rebel One.
  • Terry proposes to Dana and reveals his identity as Batman.
  • September 1st: Terry starts leaving Matt in Wayne Manor when he's taking care of him.
  • September 22nd: Matt starts to follow Terry and look where he goes. 
  • September 27th: Matt McGinnis discovers elevator to the Batcave. He starts to think Bruce Wayne is a serial killer. Bruce shows him the Batcave.
  • Matt McGinnis starts his training as Robin.
  • October 11th, 0157 EST: Batman fights Inque.
  • Batman puts a tracker on Nissa.
  • November 11th, 0527 EST: Terry McGinnis find Nissa
  • December 8th, 1611 EST: Matt and Max play with a button.
  • December 25th: Julie McGinnis tells Bruce Wayne that she knows about his and Terry's identities.
  • Richard Grayson announces his plans to run in 2027 Mayoral Elections.


  • January 1st, 0001 EST: Terry meets Dana during New Year Party. Earth-2027 begins.
  • January 6th, 1837 EST: Terry McGinnis, Dana Tan and Max Gibson go out to have fun.
  • January 7th: Terry has to endure a lecture about his corporate credit card usage from Bruce Wayne.
  • January 9th:
    • 0431 EST: Terry and Max have Brunch.
    • 0517 EST: Julie reveals she knows that Terry is Batman.
  • February 14th, 1917 EST: Terry and Helena Wayne trick Bruce and Selina into a Valentine's Day dinner.
  • Terry McGinnis finds Jason Todd in Santa Prisca.
  • Cassandra Cain comes back to Gotham, now calling herself Orphan.

Unspecified Date

  • Lyla Michaels disappears. Diggle family moves to National City.
  • Sara Diggle starts acting out at school. John decides to start training her.
  • John and John Diggle Jr die in a car accident. Oliver Queen tries to take Sara to Star City but she runs away to Gotham. She names herself Nissa.
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