Pandemic: 2010 - Present

A mysterious woman with a fetish for dressing the part of an old plague doctor, Pandemic's true identity remains a mystery even to this day. While I cannot tell you her background, I can give you a good description and profile on her. She is known to wear a black spandex bodysuit, boots, and gloves under a black duster with a black hood under a riveted black plague mask attached to an additional black leather hood. Pandemic seem to favor a bladed cane, usually itself lathered in poisonous caustic substances.

It is known that she delights in the pain and suffering of others and has terrorized many locales including Calvin City, Hub City, Steel City, Civic City, Blüdhaven, and even as far north as New Carthage; but most of her work seems to be traced back to Steel City which is where she is likely based. Most of Pandemic's criminal actions are difficult to link to her as her powers often allow her to kill her victims long after she has fled, or in some instances with her never leaving her lair. Her exact body count is unknown, but it is believed to be measured in scopes of dozens or possibly hundreds as she often does not seem satisfied to kill individuals, rather preferring to put down a dozen other bodies, even if they are just mere bystanders.

She accomplishes these feats through her deadly array of powers, which effectively allow her to be a walking and talking petri dish. While the details are not complete, it is clear that she somehow is able to safely absorb (or possibly even create) bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens which she can later secrete through touch or, in the case of airborne pathogens, breathing on her intended victim. Through similar means, Pandemic has been known to also unleash poison, acid, and other toxins. And if all that is not enough, Pandemic is also able to simply manipulate persons on the cellular level by touching them, which she has used to kill would-be captors by giving them accelerated brain tumors.

Most concerning is the recent chatter that she has aligned herself with the South American terrorist leader (and fellow nihilist) Oscura. Birds of a feather and all that, I guess...[1]

Threat Assessment


  • Dermal Caustic Secretion
  • Poison and Toxin Dispersal
  • Organic Cellular Manipulation
  • Pathogenic Absorption
  • Sadistic Interrogator and Torturer
  • Psychopathic Manipulator
  • Erudite Nihilist

Trivia and Notes


Links and References

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