History (Submitted by Oracle)

Thomas Blake: 1973 - 1991

Thomas Blake had the fortune of being born to a family of wealthy "new money" socialites. Tom was fourteen when the Manhattaning struck and peace became a global phenomenon. Tom became interested in preserving that peace and trained his body with the intention of joining the military, against his father's protestations.

Thomas Blake: 1991 - 2002

When Reese Blake realized his son could not be swayed, he pulled some strings and secured his son admittance to the military academy where Tom could be a military officer which may bring his family more prestige. In an act of rebellion, Tom applied for special training and joined the US Army Rangers. After a short time as a field leader over his own squad, Captain Blake was recruited into Team 7.

Thomas Blake: 2002 - 2003

During one particular operation to a remote outpost in Khandaq, the team fell apart due to tensions regarding a conspiracy that they were being experimented on without their knowledge. The team's convoy was ambushed by hostile forces. In the skirmish, Blake lost contact with his unit. An explosion buried him in the rubble and broke his comms. When he woke up, Blake found he had been rescued by a tribal people who lived in harmony with the last known pack of Barbary lions, the largest species of lion to ever walk the Earth.

The tribe nursed Blake back to health and even helped cure his severe nightmares with a potent tea. When his health returned, they taught him the ways of their people. The tribe was impressed with Blake's apparent connection to the cats, and the tribal shaman would tell Blake that they found him through the cats. They had led their people across miles of war-torn wasteland as if they were looking for one of their own. Blake had no explanation for it, but the shaman showed him that he had a strong spirit - much like the lions. And through such conversations, Tom realized that Lieutenant Cash was right - their unit had been given injections to increase their psychic potential.

One night, one of the tribe's lions woke Tom from his sleep by clawing his chest. In pain, Tom awoke to find the lion had been shot up. Shortly after he discovered this, Tom realized that a special forces squad was in the tribe's camp, looking for him and killing anyone else who interfered with them. Tom ran out to intercept the squad, picking its operators off one by one. However, when Tom rushed out of concealment to save a pregnant lioness from being shot, another operator took aim and put Tom down before he could stop the lioness' execution.

Using the last of his strength, Tom avenged the lioness' death and lay beside the lioness as the two breathed their last breaths. Just as his eyes closed, Tom felt hands on his chest and words spoken in the shaman's voice. "Blessed Bastet, in this man's clawed and bloody chest beats the heart of the last of these great beasts. See to it it beats for nine lives."

And then Tom heard the roar of jets passing overhead and the distant screams of the tribe. Seconds later, Tom felt the scorching heat of napalm melting his skin and turning the desert beneath him to glass.[1]

Catman: 2003 - Present

Missing Data

Supplemental Reports

  • (Submitted by Four-Eyes) This "Resurrection" ability of his is supposedly limited to nine lives, but other limits to this mystical investment remain uncertain. For instance, what if Tom is atomized? If he is trapped underwater or in a fire, does he resurrect inside the hazard and repeatedly die? These are the sorts of odd and morbid things that keep me up at night, pondering the possibilities.
  • (Submitted by Radar) As he has never shown any abilities of other Team 7 soldiers confirmed to have been suspected of being experimented on, it's possible that the powerful psychic potential Blake had been imbued with was used by the shaman to power the spell which endowed him with his impressive abilities. It's also possible, as we do not know the full details of the spell which gave him his powers, that his enhanced senses and the like are a result of his Team 7 experiments and not part of his magical blessing.

Threat Assessment


  • Blessing of Bastet
    • Enhanced Agility
    • Enhanced Reflexes
    • Enhanced Supernatural Senses (Nightvision, Hearing, Smell)
    • Feline Empathy & Kinship
    • Nine Lives (Rapid Healing & Resurrection)
  • Special Military Training
    • Master Marksman
    • Master Martial Artist & Knife-Fighter
    • Master Strategist
    • Master Tracker
  • Peak Human Conditioning
  • Master of Seduction


  • Anger-Management Issues
  • Claustrophobia
  • Obsession with Felines

Arkham Files

Thomas Blake

Thomas Blake in Arkham Asylum

Medical Profile

  • Patient is in excellent health, engaging in regular rigorous exercise and a strict dietary regimen to maintain his physical conditioning.
  • Patient has three large scars across his chest which he states were the result of an African Lion's claw raking across his chest.
  • Patient does have a highly developed sense of smell, though this is in no way a metahuman trait, merely brought on through intensive training as a tracker.

Psychological Profile

  • Patient seems to truly believe that an African mystic gave him a blessing which bestowed him with the mythical nine lives of a cat.
  • Patient has an obsessive idolization on the Gotham vigilante known as Batman, as well as fellow Arkham patient Selina Kyle (#40331) aka Catwoman.
  • Patient had a history of anger management issues which had compelled him to violently beat his lover (Note: Patient is bisexual), but Arkham doctors have certified that the patient no longer suffers from this particular issue.

Behavior Profile

  • Patient has a romantic history with patient Jade Nguyen (#83106) and the two had a child, together, though she blames him for the death of their child.
  • NOTE: A recent cell search uncovered a letter to this patient discussing an escape attempt. The letter was from someone signing the name "Mockingbird."
  • Threat Assignment: Moderate
  • Treatment Ranking: 1-Compliant
  • Intake Interviewer: Dr. Roy Westerman
  • Assigned Patient Coordinator: Dr. Simon Hurt[2]

Trivia and Notes


  • According to his Arkham File his son is dead. This is a result of Artemis faking his death and giving him to a different family in order to give him a better and safer life.
  • When he's in Arkham he's housed in the General Population Area.
  • Thomas Blake was a member of Team 7 during its operations with Project Victory.[3]
  • He owns a "Catmobile" - a souped-up armored car, reminiscent of the Batmobile.[4]


  • Catman's Patient number (#63311) is a nod to his first comic book appearance: Detective Comics #311, in 1963.
  • Thomas Blake's family has nods to many characters from the comics and related media:
    • Sienna Bailey is a character from Detective Comics Vol 1 #862.
    • Daphne Blake is a member of Mystery Incorporated from Scooby-Doo media.
    • Robin John Blake is a character from The Dark Knight Rises film.
    • George Blake is the Golden Age Two-Face of Pre-Crisis Earth-2.
    • Yvonne Blake was the Walking Shadow, a villain from Captain Marvel Jr.
    • Adam Blake is the space adventurer Captain Comet.
    • Bonnie Blake was a character from the Mystery in Space comic series.
    • Dennis Blake was a villain of Starman comics.
    • Jerry Blake is a member of Checkmate.
  • Catman's powers in the comics were coming from his catsuit, which was made from a magical cloth belonging to a South Sea cat cult.
  • In the comics it was Deadshot who killed all of his lions in an effort to coerce him into joining Secret Six.

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