In 2009 criminal organisation known as The Light started communicating with The Reach about possible invasion. Cyborg managed to gather intel about the Light's contacts, but who they were contacting with. They came in October of 2013 under the disguise of an “diplomatic mission”. ARGUS, the UN, and most of the public were skeptical of the Justice League’s distrust in what seemed to be a benevolent alien ally. Because of it Sivana Industries launched their Salvation Syndicate program which quickly endeared themselves to the American people and was making appearances at Reach sponsored events, where they would often give sound-bytes about the Justice League having something to hide from the Reach.

The moment they arrived, Jaime Reyes' scarab was activated and hijacked his central nervous system, taking control of his body. In control of Jaime, the scarab immediately attacked the other recruits and Titans mentors. Once disabled, a Reach strike team rounded up the Titans and left the hijacked Jaime behind to fabricate evidence implicating the H.I.V.E. as responsible for the kidnapping.

Evil scarab-controlled Jaime carried out a number of other abductions of metahumans for the Reach and was eventually outed as a bad guy by ex-Titans Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. When the Justice League uncovered hard evidence of the Reach’s plans for Earth, the Reach moved up their endgame and launched a full-scale invasion, complete with sleeper agents. When this turned the tide against them, the Reach ordered Jaime to kill Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, but they didn’t count on the intervention of Skeets, who sacrificed his own modified Reach code to overwrite Jaime’s scarab and restore Jaime’s sentience after eight months of being a backseat passenger to his own body. Back in control, Jaime helped the Team rescue those he had captured and was the one to deliver Ted Kord’s Reach-Tech kill code to the mothership, proving himself a hero after-all. 


In order to combat Reach's agenda a covert team was created by the Justice League called 'the Team', aka: Young Justice.

Invasion claimed the life of Don Hall - the first Dove.

Salvation Syndicate disappeared during the invasion, but after its end notorious villains joined the ranks of the Syndicate as they made a made a move against the U.S. Government. They failed but Syndicate sometimes reappears to commit crime.

Skeets 2.0 was built the following year and had much of the original Skeets' memories and coding, he lost the ability to utilize its internal Scarab as anything more then a power source.

The invasion forced two alien fugitives - Skophre and Barda to reveal themselves and fight for the Earth. Then they joined the Justice League.

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  • Ryan Choi scavenged one of the alien weapons to create “Bangstick”.


  • The Reach Invasion was inspired by the second season of the Young Justice TV series.

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