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The Reach are a race of aliens. After the fall of old Maltusian empire they took over some of its territories. They are responsible for sending Symbiote Scarabs to various planets to create sleeper agents.

Invasion of Earth

The Reach had been planning to infiltrate Earth for thousands of years prior to their invasion. Not only did they send the scarab to probe Earth thousands of years ago, but just eighteen years prior to their invasion they sent an advance team to investigate the meteor shower and its effect on the metahuman population.

This vanguard determined that Earth was nearly primed for invasion. Moving to the next phase of their plan, they "seeded" the planet with sleeper agents by abducting thirteen women and implanting in them the genetic material of H'San Natall. Most of these women were then subjected to memory reconditioning and returned to Earth. The advance party remained in Earth's orbit, monitoring the development of their sleeper agents and passively broadcasting psychic information to the planet meant to condition the agents for their role in the coming invasion.[1]

In 2013 they came to Earth to take it over, but their invasion was stopped by Earth's heroes in 2014.

Trivia and Notes


  • The actual name of the Reach's species is the H'San Natall. They are the most evolved form of the species.
  • When they came to Earth they offered medical treatments.[2]


  • The Reach Invasion is a nod to Season 2 of the Young Justice animated series.
  • The Reach is composited with H'San Natall. In the comics they are two completely separate alien species.

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