The Quiver is Green Arrow's base. It is actually his third one (the first one being too compromised and the second destroyed during the Undertaking). It is located in the sub-basement of an industrial warehouse owned by Wayne Enterprises (Bruce gave him the property so that if it's compromised, the cover story could be that Batman, Inc. also funds the Green Arrow) that was built over an old underground train station that Star City was adopting in the 80s as public transit but quickly phased out due to lack of public interest. Oliver and company use those tunnels to access the Quiver from different locales a good distance from the Quiver itself and if an entrance is compromised, they can just blow that tunnel, rather than the whole base immediately becoming useless. It also has access to a Zeta Beam.

Besides the Quiver, Ollie has many Bunkers, Safehouses, and Armories scattered over Star City and other major cities he journeys so that he doesn't have to travel far to reload on arrows or travel around with his costume and gear on and/or near him.

Another state-of-the-art Quiver is located underneath The Queen Lodge.

It has a briefing room, a workshop, servers, a costume changing room, a garage, a training pit, an armory and a wine rack.

Trivia and Notes


  • The Quiver used to be called the Arrow Cave, until Harley Quinn pointed out that Arrows don't live in caves, they live in Quivers.[1]


  • Harley renaming the Arrow Cave to Quiver is a nod to Injustice.

Links and References

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