The 27th Reality exists inside a massive space, contained and influenced by a cubed esoteric construct or "box." The six sides of this cube function as the 27th Reality's walls, foundation and ceiling. If it were to be unfolded, for two dimensional examinations, it might look something like this:

Building Earth-27

Foundations of Earth-27

The Realities

  • Oculus Apex: The limit to Earth-27 and the gateway to the Fanatics.
    • Contains: The Apex (aka: the "Writer's Room"), Subsidiary Reality A, the Tapestry, the Forge, and the Apparatus.
  • Murum Tempus: First Wall and Wall of Time which keeps time flowing linearly.
    • Contains: The Light (the "Speed Force"), the Black (aka: "The Rot"), and 6 Subsidiary Realities (B, C, D, E, F, and G).
  • Murum Locus: The Second Wall and Wall of Space which gives boundaries and limits.
  • Murum Fides: The Third Wall and Wall of Logic which keeps the universal laws constant.
  • Murum Quattro: The Fourth Wall or Wall of Belief which suspends the disbelief.
  • Solum Fundamenta: The Foundation which supports the entirety of everything else.
    • Contains: The "Basement" (Subsidiary Reality Z).

"The Roysoverse"

A Guide to the Subsidiary Realities (revealed so far)

  • Apex
  • First Wall's Realities
    • SRB: "Beyond" - Home of the 2027 Characters.
    • SRC: "The County" - A six-in-one dimension centered on a single county in the Pacific Northwest, home to the Earth-27 version of the characters from Sarah Shift.
    • SRD: "Noir" - Home of a Noir themed slant on Earth-27.
    • SRE: "Erebus" - Home of the Earth-27 version of Erebus Saga characters.
    • SRF: "Focal Point" - A dimension with temporal pockets of different eras caught in a loop. Home of Earth-27's Wild West, Colonial America, medieval Europe, pirate-infested Caribbean waters, and feudal Japan - among others.
    • SRG: "Gaslight" - Home of Fang-Girl.
  • Second Wall's Realities
    • SRH: "The Precinct" - Home to the Division of Continuity.
    • SRI: "First Draft" - Earth-27 before its first reboot.
    • SRJ: Unannounced
    • SRK: "Krossing" - Genderswapped Universe, very similar to the main reality.
    • SRL: "Legacy" - Home of the closest thing to a parallel universe in Earth-27, closer aligned to DC comics canon.
    • SRM: "Marvel" - Home of a School for Gifted Youngsters, and maybe more fun characters someday.
  • Third Wall's Realities
    • SRN: "Elysium" - Home of the Earth-27 version of the NeOlympus characters.
    • SRO: Unannounced
    • SRP: "Perfection" - The original home to the Monitor and a number of imps who don't really fit anywhere else - many becoming the Monitor's Scouts. Due to this dimension's existence predating the Four Universal Laws, it is said to exist in a Fifth Dimensional State.
    • SRQ: Unannounced
    • SRR: Unannounced
    • SRS: "Shattered Mirror" - Home of the Earth-27 version of Zodiac Pack characters.
  • Fourth Wall's Realities
  • Foundation
    • SRZ: "The Basement" - Home of Trollgirl, the Empty Hand, and the Gentry. Also where the Anti-Monitor was originally imprisoned.

Trivia and Notes


  • The Murums were created by four Primordials: Alpheus, Sovoc Yirth, Perpetua and Pralaya.[1]
  • In the previous continuity the Second Wall had a breach on August 10th, 2017 and the First Wall had a breach on August 15th, 2017.
  • Em Parker's imagem was made from a shard of the Third Wall.
  • The Subsidiary Realities of each Murum follow certain guidelines:
    • First Wall SRs have different rules of time.
    • Second Wall SRs have different rules of space (basic these are the "parallel Earths").
    • Third Wall SRs have different rules of logic.
    • Fourth Wall SRs have different rules of belief.
    • The Apex and Basement SRs are none of those and all of those at the same time.


  • SRM's M for Marvel (Roy's recently announced X-Men project).

Links and References

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