The Cadre are singularities in Earth-27's Universe (original characters) that sided with the Anti-Monitor in his war with the Monitor and his Challengers. The Cadre of the Immortal was founded by Psycho Pirate.

The followers are called Brujeria. Wraith is their captain.


  • Anti-Monitor. Status: Active
    • Psycho Pirate. The Anti-Monitor's chosen. Status: Active, Specialty: Unknown.
    • The Thaumaturgist. Chief Adviser. Status: Unknown, Specialty: Unknown.
    • Wraith. Field Leader. Status: Unknown, Specialty: Unknown.
    • Ellen Trechend. Mission Coordinator. Status: Deceased, Specialty: Intelligence, Strategy, Logistics, Recruitment.
    • Operatives:
      • Vylaela. Status: Special Assignment, Specialty: Seduction, Infiltration.
      • Pandemic. Status: Active, Specialty: Terrorism, Poison, Torture.
      • Cyber_Witch: Status: Active, Specialty: Demolition, Technical Support.
      • Hayvon: Status: Active, Specialty: Demolition, Heavy Lifting, Combat.
      • Shoji Washida: Status: Active, Specialty: Combat, Tactics.
      • Max MacKay: Status: In Hell, Specialty: Unknown.
      • Underworld: Status: Escaped from Arkham, Specialty: Mind Control, Torture, Assassination.
      • Bliss: Status: Active, Specialty: Demolition, Combat, Magic, Strategy.
      • Alice: Status: Escaped from Arkham.
      • Vagrant: Status: Unknown[1]
      • Lucien Delahaye: Status: Unknown
      • Daud: Status: Unknown

Trivia and Notes


  • Identity of many Challengers is known to the Inner Circle of the Cadre.

Links and References

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