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  • He mentored Aten Khalis.
  • When Aten proclaimed his parents exalted and ordered all worship in the kingdom be devoted to them, he led the party of Khandaq Revolutionaries which put the king in chains, dragging him through the city and announcing his execution to be held on the steps of the temple. While in captivity, Teth-Adam visited Khalis often and when it came time to ask his former student's last request, Teth-Adam heard Khalis' wish. Khalis asked that he be given a chance to serve the world again if it be the gods' will and added that "Nabu oversaw my birth, let him oversee my burial."[1]
  • In 2010 he killed the Wizard Mamaragan.
  • Black Adam served as Captain Marvel's counterpart in the Salvation Syndicate as Major Thunder.

Links and References

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