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Terry Bumbescu: 1988 - 2004

Terry had a normal, happy childhood, but tragically, it would not last. Terry's mother died before Terry graduated due to surgical complications with a routine surgery. Terry's father drank himself to death afterward, causing Terry to relocate to live with his grandfather in the middle of his summer break between his sophomore and junior years of high school.

Terry Bumbescu: 2004 - 2006

Terry's grandfather was a good influence on the boy. "Grandpapa always taught me, 'Do not half-ass the work! Do it right, no matter what, you do Old Country way, and you'll have everything you need' ", is something Terry often recites to himself or others. This ethic was probably taught through long hours working with his grandfather as an apartment building superintendent who also did some contract work on the side when work was slow. It was through this that Terry met Stacy Halcomb, the daughter of one of the tenants of his grandfather's building. Terry and Stacy were quick to connect as friends when they were paired together as lab partners in chemistry class. It was a good fit as they had natural chemistry... maybe too much.

Terry Bumbescu: 2006 - 2011

By graduation, Stacy and Terry were rather hot and heavy. Young and in love, Terry proposed to Stacy and she accepted, but the two decided to hold off on the wedding until Terry finished college.

In one day, on Terry's twenty-third birthday, shortly after Terry graduated college, everything changed. In the morning, Terry's toaster blew up. Hungry and smelling of burnt bread, Terry lost his new job due to a fire burning down the clinic where he was employed as a lab tech.

Reeking of depression and smoke, Terry came home to find Stacy in bed with another woman. Enraged, Terry went for a walk to calm down. He stumbled down alleyways until he was good and lost, eventually taking a seat on a park bench outside a theater he had never seen before. Out of nowhere, a boy came up and sat beside him.

Terry and the lad began to talk. Terry vented all the frustration he had felt. Terry adamantly said that the world would be better off without him. The boy tried to tell Terry he was wrong, but Terry stepped in front of a truck to prove his point.

Terry woke up in morgue. Confused, he grabbed the bed sheet laid over him and fashioned a noose. It snapped under his weight. Looking at himself in the mirror, Terry could see why. He has put on easily a hundred pounds of muscle. Frantic, Terry ran up the stairs to the roof and threw himself off. Laying naked in the dumpster, but otherwise unharmed, Terry heard a call for help. There was an apartment building on fire. It was his grandfather's. Terry grabbed a spare fireman's coat from the fire engine and charged in. He saved fifteen people, including Stacy and his grandfather, but to Terry's surprise they didn't recognize him. When he wiped the soot from his face and told them he was Terry, he was met with blank stares. That is when Terry heard a voice.

"You got your wish", said the boy from before, twirling a baseball bat.[1]

Terry Bumbescu: 2011 - Present

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Supplemental Reports

  • (Submitted by Gremlin) Terry is depressed. He finds little joy in life, feels little attachment to other people or things, and has no hobbies or pastimes, aside from Good Samaritan acts (which he does simply as "someone has to make this world suck less for somebody."), and drinking. Lots of drinking... and coming from me, you know that's saying something.
  • (Submitted by Gremlin) Even if most mortals forget who he is and in spite of his best efforts to be forgotten, Terry has made a couple new friends (though he'd be hesitant to call them such openly). He has befriended the deviant angel Leon Meager and gender-fluid werewolf Buddy MacCulloch. By extension, he's also friendly with Leon's devil girlfriend, Ellie MacKay.

Threat Assessment


  • Supernal-Endowments
    • Enhanced Durability
    • Enhanced Resilience
    • Enhanced Stamina
    • Enhanced Strength
    • Regenerative Healing
    • Mild Cosmic Awareness
    • Passive Psychic Obfuscation Field
    • Passive Synchronicity Wave Travelling
  • Natural Mechanic Aptitude
  • Head for Science
  • Strong Stomach


  • Alcoholic Dependency
  • Morally Unanchored
  • Severe Depression
  • Suicidal


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Trivia and Notes


  • Terry is drinking buddies with Flag, Angie Aimes, and Rose Walker.
  • For his 28th birthday Leon Meager gave him a box of matches. Terry doesn't even smoke.
  • When he was hit by a car he saw Death of the Endless. Death said this was the second time they met.[2]


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