Task Force X is an off-the-books elite government strike force consisting of incarcerated criminals used when government agents weren't suitable for political reasons. Their sole purpose is to undertake high-risk missions in exchange for parole, work release or reduced prison sentences. They're based out of Arkham Asylum due to the facility now belonging to ARGUS. The team was created in Belle Reve, they've just been relocated. The reasons for this move have been explained as being tied to ARGUS' headquarters in Gateway City, the proximity of the Hall of Justice, the population density of suitable Task Force recruits housed in Arkham, and having a saturation of crimefighters (particularly the Batman) located in Gotham.

The Suicide Squad roster is ever-changing. Often changing as needed for the operation, but Waller keeps between a dozen to twenty candidates in the program at all times. 

Aside from ARGUS and the prisoners, there is one more element of the Suicide Squad. That is, the heroes. From time to time, Waller will "contract" a hero for to help Flag corral the villains in. Waller doesn't just go to the Watchtower and say "Hey, Palmer, Queen, and Allen! Come with me!" No, she keeps tabs on three to five heroes at a time who are in a "dark place" and can be persuaded to help the Task Force discreetly for a variety of reasons (bribery, blackmail, what have you). Some of the team's heroic alumni include Katana, Arsenal, Ravager, and Red Hood.[1]

Known Missions

Trivia and Notes


  • Dr. Edgar Cizko selected the original team.
  • Until the Quraci job the team was under DEO supervision.
  • They didn't manage to get Riddler during Hell on Earth, but they got his daughter.


  • Suicide Squad's mission to stop Incubus is a nod to the Suicide Squad movie.
  • The mission to catch Riddler is Earth-27's version of the movie.[2]

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