History (Submitted by Four-Eyes)

Green Ghost of the Twelfth Floor: 1929 - 1937

From 1919 to 1929, the Bering Arms Hotel of Star City played host to the Star City's cell of the Order of Ancient Mysteries. Their earliest attempt to summon Gozer was to summon "hungry demons" (I suspect that their intended target was actually Gluttony Devils) which they hoped would wreck havoc on the American food supply. The timing could not have been better as it would have the nation, about to begin to suffer through the Great Depression, a prime target for Gozer's return.

However, due to errors in the summoning ritual's construction, a semi-corporeal manifestation of gluttony was conjured instead. Looking for food, this entity immediately tore into the Order's stockpile of essence which had been stored in liquid form in vials. The Order tried in vain to banish their mistake, but as they failed to identify what the entity was they used incorrect exorcism rites and watched as a decade of essence collection was devoured in minutes. When it finished, the entity went in search of more food in other parts of the hotel.

When the Order moved their operations to the newly constructed Shandor Building, they left behind a binding ward on the hotel which sealed the entity inside the hotel (not that such a ward was needed - the entity was far too lazy to wander far, rarely even leaving the twelfth floor). Documented sightings began from day one and attracted all manner of paranormal investigators to the hotel until the staff of the hotel put a no room service policy into place which made the entity dormant.

Green Ghost of the Twelfth Floor: 1937 - 1951

Sightings from 1937 to 1951 were few and far between and almost always harmless, with the entity seen rummaging through luggage in its search for food. There was one instance where a maid claimed to have seen the entity devouring a mouse before disappearing into the wall, leaving the frightened mouse stuck to the wall inside a blob of green goo.

In 1951, a couple of skeptical bellhops ignored the Bering Arms' no room service policy on the twelfth floor at the request of a rich guest who offered a generous tip. The bellhops took a cart to the floor. The entity quickly pounced on the cart and gorged itself. When the large meal barely sated its decades' old appetite, the entity reportedly gazed at the bellhops as if they were next. Both bellhops promptly resigned after they fled in terror.

Green Ghost of the Twelfth Floor: 1951 - 1984

Sighting remained infrequent after the account of the two bellhops was circulated among the staff. There were other sightings, usually caused by guests having packaged snacks in their luggage prompting the hotel to eventually shut down the twelfth floor in 1984 after the entity attacked a couple on their honeymoon after they caught him in the act of eating all of their Primo Spiffles Cakes, causing the startled entity to slime them before he disappeared into the walls.

Green Ghost of the Twelfth Floor: 1984 - 2010

The twelfth floor remained unused for almost twenty-five years, with only staff and the rare amateur paranormal investigator visiting the floor.

When the hotel fell on hard times, it was purchased by Queen Consolidated in collaboration with the Star City Heritage Foundation. Though the staff advised against it, it was decided to renovate the twelfth floor, but a compromise was reached. Once renovations were finished the floor would be reopened, and that the no room service policy would be enforced. However, the policy was rescinded in fall of 2009, and sure enough the entity made its return. It was mostly harmless, feasting on uneaten leftovers or unattended food carts left outside a room, but in early 2010, after months of eating regularly, the entity decided it was not going to go dormant anymore and it became increasingly bold, even leaving the twelfth floor regularly.

Desperate to rectify this problem, a member of the management team picked up the phone and called a number taken from a low-budget TV ad.

Slimer: 2010 - Present

The Ghostbusters proved to the world that they "ain't afraid of no ghost" with the capture of the Bering Arms entity, which they nicknamed 'Slimer' after it doused Venkman in its green ectoplasmic residue. Slimer remained in their containment until being released in 2013.

Unlike other entities, Slimer did not wander far from the destroyed building. He remained within a block of the ruins of the Firehouse. When the Ghostbusters captured him again, he was much more docile. Egon decided to use the entity for in-depth research rather than add it to the new containment unit, building Slimer his own containment enclosure.[1]

Supplemental Reports 

  • (Submitted by TurtleGurl84) I thought no one could eat more pizza than Michelangelo. I was wrong. In fact, Slimer could put away more pizza than all of the turtles. How many pizzas is that? Well, he ate thirteen large pizzas by himself when the turtles admitted defeat. I have a feeling Slimer would have continued to eat more if Egon hadn't put an end to the silly experiment at that point.

Threat Assessment


  • Ectoplasmic Physiology: Slimer is composed entirely of a viscous semi-corporeal form of ectoplasm. Anything digested by him appears to be converted into ectoplasm within minutes of eating.
    • Flight: Slimer does not appear to be affected by gravity and maneuvers at speeds up to ~45 MPH (72 km/h).
    • Intangibility: Slimer's preferred state is semi-corporeal but he can will himself to become intangible, though he often leaves behind a residue of excess ectoplasm.
    • Invisibility: He can become invisible to the naked eye.
  • Vehicle Operation: Slimer likes to drive automobiles and buses. How he operates the pedals without feet remains unknown at this time (possibly through some form of telekinesis?). Where he learned this skill also remains unknown.


  • Food: By his nature, he's always hungry.
  • Stress: Causes him to become intangible and hungrier.


  • Physicality: 2 - Basic / Typical
  • Occult: 5 - Master / Remarkable
  • Weaponry: 1 - Paltry / Below Average
  • Expertise: 2 - Basic / Typical
  • Range: 5 - Master / Remarkable
  • Strategy: 1 - Paltry / Below Average

Trivia and Notes


  • Slimer has a Threat Assessment ranking of 36, marking him as a Moderate Threat.
  • Ray Stantz was the first one to call 'Slimer' an "Ugly Little Spud".
  • He's friends with the Ghostbusters and Peter Venkman is his favorite. Peter prefers him to remain in his containment unit at all times, but he has intentionally let Slimer go when it suits him. One time was after Janine criticized him for taking a long lunch when he promised to cover the phones for her to go on a date. When she went to the bathroom to freshen up, Peter let Slimer go and told the green ghostly glutton that Janine was hiding a donut in her purse.[2]
  • He and Maddie Collins have an odd relationship as he's known to take joy rides and its usually Maddie's job to bring the cars back safely. You'd think she'd be mad at him, but she insists she's not mad... just disappointed.[3]


  • Slimer is a character from the Ghostbusters films and its related media.
  • His backstory is a nod to his backstory in the IDW Ghostbusters comics.
  • Slimer driving is a nod to Ghostbusters 2.

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