Elvira was given this Nightmare House in 2007, after Morpheus' return from his two decades of imprisonment. She had been working at the Oblivion Bar when Lucifer recommended her to Dream and despite their rocky history, Dream offered her the job.

Elvira's House travels about as the others do, but hers is always accessible from a number of Doors of Destination, similar to the Oblivion Bar. These Doors of Destination are scattered throughout many major cities and also found in remote locations with strong occult activity. There are even interdimensional patrons of the bar. All the Doors of Destination lead to the basement where the Sinister House has a bar and grill catering to occultists and storytellers. All patrons eat and drink free provided they don't leave until a story is offered to the House, a story which they must listen to. If a story is not provided every six hours, the House takes the life of a patron instead.

The House "employs" many different persons, holding them captive to run the bar and urge the patrons to dedicate a story to the house on a regular basis. Though the employees are not free to leave the bar, they are never chosen as a sacrifice unless they attempt to go beyond the iron-wrought fence of the House's yard.

Elvira, when home, is usually found in her parlor on the ground floor, lounging on her red antique sofa. When she has company, she'll entertain them by directing them to her House's theater where they can watch other dreamers' nightmares play out live with Elvira often stopping in to provide her own humorous commentary between showings.[1]

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