Silver St. Cloud: 1976 - Present

Born among the ranks of Gotham’s old money and high-society, Silver St. Cloud spent her youth between living in Gotham City and the family’s holdings across Europe. Originally having met Bruce Wayne when she was very young, her interest in him did not begin until he became “Gotham’s Prodigal Son” in late 1997. Silver had just turned twenty-one and had just started an event business. Bruce Wayne’s welcome home party was her first real gig, having been hired by Edward Nygma. It was at this event that Bruce and Silver had a moment when both ended up under the same table to avoid the gunfire from Nygma's other hired help, the Red Hood gang. After the paparazzi caught pictures of the two in the aftermath, Alfred decided that Bruce should capitalize on this to help distinguish Bruce Wayne from the crime fighting persona he was building.

The relationship turned into more than a simple disguise as Bruce did come to care deeply for Silver. It was a good thing, too: as Silver used her political connections to help Bruce in securing his guardianship over Dick Grayson. However it was soon after that Silver began to realize that she was dating one half of the Dynamic Duo. When she confronted Bruce about her suspicious, he did not deny it. Bruce even gave her a tour of the Batcave. Surprisingly, Silver seemed okay with it… for a few months. But after she saw the Batman in action on the news highlights reel one night, it became so much more real for her and she told Bruce she couldn’t do it anymore and the two broke up.

More recently Silver was engaged to marry a New Jersey State Senator in 2014, until he was killed by Onomatopoeia in a kidnapping that also critically wounded Silver. For three years, Silver remained in coma, her bills taken care by the Wayne Foundation. But one morning in early 2017, just hours after the League of Assassins mass escape at Arkham, Silver St. Cloud went missing from her hospital bed. It was hours before a suspect in her kidnapping could be name when Kevin Hester, aka: Onomatopoeia, was found to have escaped as well.[1]

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  • Silver St. Cloud's status is currently unknown. Onomatopoeia was captured, but Silver is still missing.


  • Silver's address is a nod to her first comic book appearance: Detective Comics #470, by Steve Englehart.
  • In the comics Silver was killed by Onomatopoeia, in Earth-27 she only fell into a coma.

Links and References

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