Santa Prisca is a small island located in northern Caribbean islands and shows strong influences from the period of Spanish colonialism, the introduction of African slaves, and its prominent role in the illegal drug trade. The island's climate is generally that of a "tropical paradise" although like many Caribbean islands it also sees hurricanes. Thomas Wayne visited the island to aid in hurricane relief while his wife remained in America, pregnant with Bruce Wayne.

The country is also known for its island prison, Peña Duro. Known worldwide for its infamous human rights violations. Peña Duro had no guards or cells inside its walls, and was merely a small city on a small island, surrounded by walls, water and sharks. Inmates were left to fend for themselves or die (either by starvation or the elements, fellow inmates, sharks, or the corrupt guards in the surrounding towers who would take potshots at prisoners foolish enough to venture beyond the walls).

The island is split into small sections of opulence for vacationers and notable members of the drug trade, arms dealers, and other merchants of blood and warfare; while the rest the island lives in poverty and brutal oppression.

Generally drug lords are seen as the true rulers of the island, and Santa Prisca has long been considered one of the key hotspots in the drug trade worldwide, where it caters to those illicit factions and organizations which grow, manufacture, store, smuggle, and profit from the drug trade. It was here that the strength enhancing drug "Venom" was created and also where El Penitente perfected it into its current form.

The island nation has undergone many revolutions, most notably when Ra's al Ghul sent an operative known as King Snake to stoke the flames between the communist regime and its anti-communist resistance. Curiously the island is also the source of one of the world's most prosperous Gingo crop, a fact which led Zesti Cola to invest heavily in the island and which has recently begun to see the island slowly begin to wane away from its corruption-tainted past. An unusual ally in Zesti's campaign are the villains Bane and Copperhead, both of whom have shown support of Zesti's efforts, once by rescuing a corporate representative of Zesti imprisoned in Peña Duro by the island's tyrant and another time by killing a drug lord and his men after they killed the workers at a Zesti Gingo farm.

The current "president" is a warlord known as Juan Paolo Sebastion, or more commonly known as "El Jefe".

Trivia and Notes


  • King Snake (Edmund Dorrance) came to Santa Prisca in 1974. Both Bane and Copperhead are his children.
  • After the Manhattaning many countries took their peacekeeping forces to defend their land. Without them this led to another civil war[1]


  • El Jefe is a nod to Catwoman Vol 2.

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