Sam Kane: 2006 - Present

Born in Brooklyn to the same obscure branch of the Kane family as his older brother, Joseph, Sam was likely the consequence of a romantic accident, born when Joseph was already a teenager. Sam’s first real memories of Joseph were forged through postcards and letters, as well as by way of stories told by the Kane family servants and staff who had fond memories of their employers globetrotting son. When he had his first encounter with Joseph that he could recall, it was as Joseph was merely in town for a few weeks between his university graduation and the start of his internship in Gotham. In that short time, Joseph became upset to see just how neglected his little brother was.

The thought of that would haunt Joseph for the first few months in Gotham until, at the behest of Leslie Thompkins, Joseph returned to Brooklyn to make a surprise visit. Joseph was shocked to find that his parents had gone on a spontaneous European vacation and due to a communications mishap with the staff, Sam had not been picked up from his inner-city school, forced to walk home in the rain, and locked out of his own house. After this, Joseph took Sam back to Gotham with him, leaving a simple note for his parents which they haven’t protested or challenged to this day. I had my dad hook Joseph up with a social service worker to ease the legal guardianship paperwork, Joseph’s mind was at ease.

Sam has adjusted well to life in Gotham. He attends Brentwood Academy, watches cartoons, and after nearly being killed by Deadshot, trains with Damian three times a week. A boy after my own heart, Sam is an accomplished hacker who I suspect has a bit of a crush on me. He seems to get jealous when he overhears me flirting with Joe, he stalks me on “Realm of Orcs and Men” (in a cute way)… and once “accidentally” spilled Jason’s Big Belly Bellybuster Soder Cola after the loudmouth called me a “has-been”. Watch out, Dick… if you don’t get your act together in the next eight years, I might be off the market. Actually, Babs Kane? I could do worst, LOL.[1]


Sam Kane was Canonized by the Anti-Monitor and is no more.

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  • Sam Kane is an original character created by Dkalban.
  • In the Earth-2027 continuity, Sam takes on the identity of Red Bird.

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