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  • Rupert Thorne runs Gotham's Tobacconists' Club which is an exclusive old money club for the rich and powerful. It is suspected of having ties to the Court of Owls and has their fingers in many illicit deals. Once said to be the true power of Gotham, the Tobacconists are usually somehow connected to most of Gotham's political scandals and corruption charges. They deal with a great deal of white collar crime. Alexander Sartorius, aka: Phosphorous, is Rupert's right-hand man and enforcer, often using his time in Arkham to recruit talent.[1]
  • He endorsed Sebastian Hady during the 2016 Gotham City Mayoral Election.
  • He's working with Carlton Duquesne and Penguin to deliver weapons to CRIME.


  • His portrait is based on his appearance in Batman: The Animated Series.
  • His partnership with Duquesne and Cobblepot is a nod to the Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman animated movie

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