Before becoming the Royal Flush Gang, Ace, Tye, Asami, Eddie and Colin, were kept in a Cadmus Labs detainment unit. used for children whose abilities required “refinement”. Ace eventually considered these other children to be her friends, even if their little moments of playtime were far and few between. Ace and the other children spent their childhood cycling through experiments, psych tests, surgeries, simulations, training exercises, and behavior modification sessions. All of that in an attempt to strip them of their humanity and forge the children into living weapons.

Though Ace had little knowledge of the outside world, she dreamed she would one day get to see it. She just had no idea she’d have a killer clown’s help in making that dream reality.

The Joker broke them out of Cadmus, turned them into the Royal Flush Gang and used them as pawns, until they rebelled.

Originally the Royal Flush Gang were bad. Now they're just out to keep themselves safe. They're basically a superpowered team of misfit teenagers. They break a few minor laws (like theft and vandalism) in the course of survival and having fun, but they also are not ones to stand by and let a bad guy kill innocent people... but if another hero is engaged in a fight, they're also not likely to lend a hand (well... some of them will, like Colin or Tye, but Eddie, Asami, and Ace are less interested in doing good and more about keeping to themselves).

Trivia and Notes


  • After the release of Ace's portrait, Roy was open to suggestions of who could be a part of Earth-27's RFG. He decided to used three characters inspired by the Young Justice "Runaways" episode, based on original characters from the Super Friends cartoon: El Dorado/Eduardo Dorado Jr., Samurai/Asami Koizumi, and Apache Chief/Tye Longshadow.
  • Royal Flush Gang being formed after Joker's rescue is a nod to Justice League animated series.

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