Roxanne Sutton: 1984 - 2002

Roxanne is the older of two daughters born to Dick and Paula Sutton of Granville, Kansas. Roxy and her sister Kathleen spent a lot of time tinkering in their father's auto-body repair shop. While both sisters had a love for the mechanics, Roxy's interest was also fueled by her love to use the machines to engage in dangerous antics.

As a young girl, she nearly got both Kathleen and herself killed. The sisters ground up meteor rock, mixed it with petrol, and filled a motorcycle engine with the mixture. When the sisters got out of the hospital, Kathleen became more reserved and quiet. The opposite happened to Roxy, she only became even more determined to chase adrenaline at any cost.

Roxanne Sutton: 2002 - 2007

Following that rush, while trying to make a living at the same time, Roxy made her way to Star City's Glaberton district. She had planned to be an action star, but when she learned that most insurance companies weren't willing to cover her with the risks she wanted to take, she instead became a stunt-woman.

Roxy's WCDB (Web-Cinema Data Base) page is like a highlight reel of the best action movies of 2002 to 2007. In a short time, Roxanne Sutton was the biggest stunt-woman in Hollywood, covering for various actresses and on occasion, several men. But the fame meant little to Roxy, her main reason for working was that she enjoyed the adrenaline rush and the thrill provided when engaging in the dangerous stunts. Eventually, even her stunt company's insurance plan forbade her from taking the risks she sought and after she went ahead with the stunt anyway, she was fired and blacklisted.

Roxy Rocket: 2007 - 2009

Unable to work in Star City anymore, Roxy went to find a better source for her entertainment: Gotham City. Roxy had been a past patron of the Iceberg Lounge and knew Oswald Cobblepot offered special services to his more distinguished clientele. Roxy figured he was the guy who knew the right people in Gotham.

Roxy began working for the Penguin. She started off stealing jewels for him and then escaping on her custom-made rocket which was an improved version of the contraption she had made as a child. During Gotham's Cataclysm, Roxy was unstoppable and she became wealthy.

Because Roxy usually put her own life at risk during her crimes, many vigilantes did not consider her a priority. But eventually Batman took significant risks to stop her crime spree.

When she realized the effort and commitment displayed by Batman, Roxy thought she had found someone who enjoyed the thrills of living life dangerously. She believed Batman was a kindred spirit or possibly even her soulmate. When Batman rebuffed her forward advances, Roxy orchestrated a joint suicide aboard her rocket bike, wanting to go out with a bang (figurative or literal). Batman broke Roxy's heart when he leaped off the rocket with Roxy in tow, only to revealed he had a parachute hidden under his cape. Slapping cuffs on her wrists, Batman grounded Roxy Rocket - dropping her off in Arkham.[1]

Roxy Rocket: 2009 - Present

Missing Data

Arkham Files

Medical Profile

  • Patient is in exceptional health, despite a history of a number of broken bones and extensive injuries requiring no less than a dozen of hospitalizations.

Psychological Profile

  • Patient has an unhealthy fascination with danger, causing herself to place herself in increasingly dangerous situations
  • Patient's interest in danger extends to her romantic endeavors, causing her to become erotically obsessed with anyone that survives a dangerous event with her (currently, she has such an interest with the vigilante called Batman).
  • Patient is not suicidal, per se; but if she suspects the "ultimate rush" can be had through a lethal circumstance, she seems willing to pay that price.

Behavior Profile

  • Patient is a trained stuntwoman who has had training in advanced combat techniques, acrobatics, extreme sports, and numerous vehicular operations.
  • Patient has been engaging in an experimental therapy group with patients Marian Dahl (#94101), Matt Hagen (#61298), and Paige Monroe (#52113).
  • Patient is not usually violent and her rule violations usually are carefully orchestrated so that she alone is put at risk and no one else.
  • Patient has assaulted two patients in the past: Selina Kyle (#40331) and Oswald Cobblepot (#61992). Neither wished to press charges.
  • Threat Assignment: Low
  • Treatment Ranking: 2-Responsive
  • Intake Interviewer: Dr. Roy Westerman
  • Assigned Patient Coordinator: Dr. Joan Leland[2]

Threat Assessment


  • Physicality Assessment: Roxy has strength and durability typical of an athletic human woman of her age, build, and intense regular exercise.
  • Occult Assessment: Roxy has no arcane training, but does have some esoteric power.
    • Ceaseless Courage: Roxy has the ability to overcome great fear.
  • Weaponry Assessment: Roxy has exceptional tactical ability.
    • Stunt Training: Roxy has undergone professional combat training in hand-to-hand combat, the use of firearms, and combat maneuvers.
  • Expertise Assessment: Roxy is a specialist in a number of highly specialized fields of study.
    • Acting: Though a stuntwoman by profession, Roxy is also a very capable actress and a master of disguise.
    • Mechanic: Roxy is a particularly adept mechanic, particularly with the repair and modification of vehicles - especially aerial vehicles. Roxy has built a number of unique vehicles. Her overall ability in this field is very exceptional, bordering on world-class level of expertise.
    • Seductress: Roxy is an exceptionally forward flirt. She is able to channel this same enthusiasm to seductive attempts at distraction or infiltration.
  • Range Assessment: Roxy has exceptional movement ability.
    • Agile: Roxy has an exceptional sense of balance which allows her to move about her environment with incredible grace and speed. Roxy is also an avid free-runner, having mastered the discipline of parkour.
    • Driver: Roxy is incredibly capable behind the controls of nearly every vehicle due to her stunt training. On her home planet, Roxy is considered to be one of the best drivers of automobiles, motorcycles, and boats.
    • Pilot: Roxy is incredibly talented in the use of aerial vehicles including airplanes, jets, and helicopters. Roxy is particularly known for piloting her jet-bike from which her moniker of "Roxy Rocket" is derived. On her home planet, Roxy is widely regarded to be a living legend of a pilot.
  • Strategy Assessment: Roxy has a somewhat elevated ability to assess her surroundings due to training in making split-second decisions and use of her environment.


  • Adrenaline Junkie: Roxy has an unhealthy fixation on danger, causing her to place herself in increasingly dangerous situations. Her love of danger may even cause her to become erotically obsessed with others who survive a dangerous event with her. Though Roxy is not suicidal, she is not afraid of dying in pursuit of what she calls "the ultimate rush."


  • Physicality: 3 — Trained / Exceptional
  • Occult: 2 — Basic / Typical
  • Weaponry: 3 — Trained / Exceptional
  • Expertise: 4 — Expert / Enhanced
  • Ranged: 4 — Expert / Enhanced
  • Strategy: 3 —Trained / Exceptional
    • TOTAL: 37
    • RANKING: Low Threat

Trivia and Notes


  • When she's in Arkham she's housed in the General Population Area.
  • Batman took Roxy as he was just getting back into the game after his ordeal with Bane.
  • She's an expert martial artist in 6+ Styles of Combat.[3]
  • She joined Legends to clean her record in a way filled with adrenaline.
  • Kevin Hester and Danielle Cassidy are her ex-lovers.
  • She's friends with Sara Lance, Thea Queen and Tanga. Rose Wilson is her best friend, and Buddy Baker is her old friend.


  • Roxy Rocket's Arkham patient number is a nod to her first appearance in the cartoon The New Batman Adventures episode The Ultimate Thrill, in September 14, 1998. Her history is also based on this episode.
  • Kathy Sutton in the comics is Red Tornado's wife.
  • WCDB is Earth-27's version of IMDB.
  • Her aliases are nods to her voice actresses in The New Batman Adventures and Justice League Action: Charity James and Gillian Jacobs.
  • Kevin Hester becoming her lover happened in Date Knight 6.[4]


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