History (Submitted by Gremlin)

Rose Walker: 1988 - 2001

Rose is the daughter of Desire of the Endless and a dream vortex host named Unity Kinkaid. It's likely she was conceived the night Adrian Veidt's intrinsic bombs rocked the world. Rose was born with a twin brother, Drury. After her mother remarried, Rose got a half-brother, Janosz (or "Johnny"). Rose's new stepfather, Lazlo Valentin, gave Rose the nickname "Em the Gem".

Rose would find out many years later that her stepfather's pet name for her was derived from his obsession with a mysterious rock that had the same color as Em's eyes. Lazlo Valentin was contracted by the government to study the rock, mistakenly believing it was the same as the meteor rock Lazlo had been working on for years prior. Lazlo knew it was not, but did not share that info with his government handlers, letting his unhealthy interest in it worsen.

Rose Walker: 2001 - 2007

Rose grew into a beautiful teen girl. She became a popular student with many friends and a healthy athletic interest in swimming. Rose did not seem too troubled when her own mother's insanity required her to be housed in a nursing home.

When Rose came out as being bisexual at thirteen, her so-called friends ostracized her and Rose began spending more time at home. One day, as her stepfather left to run some errands, he left the door to his home lab open and Rose felt compelled to venture down to the basement. At first she thought it was curiosity, but it turned out to be some sort of metaphysical pull, originating from the green gem. When Rose touched it, she found herself drawn into a vivid fantasy story that lasted for hours until her stepfather got home and knocked the gem from her hand. As he did so, there was a powerful shockwave that threw both stepfather and stepdaughter aside. Moments later, as Lazlo got to his senses, he saw laying beside his stepdaughter was her perfect doppelgänger, dressed in armor.

Startled by this, Lazlo drugged the duplicate and put Rose in her bed, counting on her recalling the dream and assuming she had fallen asleep. The ruse worked as Lazlo studied the dream clone. When he learned the clone was indeed the same girl as Rose, on a genetic level and even the fingerprints, Lazlo gave the original Rose the emerald again as she was sleeping, pulling Rose into another vivid dream. When he pulled the stone from her hand, Em remained sleeping but another duplicate appeared, startled and confused, allowing Lazlo to drug her as well for study in his lab. This continued for a while until there was no less than twenty-six clones.

Overrun with clones of his stepdaughter, Lazlo feared a revolt and reached out to Jervis Tetch. Both men agreed Rose was the 'master clone' and the key to controlling the 'Pyglets'. Without concern for his stepdaughter, Lazlo sedated Rose and took her, and her many dream clones, to the lab of Jervis Tetch. However, when Lazlo saw that Tetch's experiments were hurting Rose, Lazlo changed his mind.[1]

Emily Page: 2007 - 2009 

When Lazlo Valentin and Jervis Tetch argued over the experiments Tetch was performing, Rose saw an opportunity to escape and managed to slide one arm out of her restraints and seize the emerald. Em used the emerald to start returning her duplicates to their places of origin, as Lazlo and Tetch attempted to wrestle the emerald away. As the emerald was pried from her hand, having saved as many dream-selves as she could, Rose used her last moment with the emerald to banish it elsewhere. Enraged by this, Lazlo and Tetch both turned on each other while Rose slipped into a coma.

Rose awoke later in a hospital, being watched over by a large woman who introduced herself as Amanda Waller, an administrator with the Department of Extranormal Operations. Waller told Rose that her stepfather was being taken into DEO custody along with Tetch, but Waller herself could not hide her interest in Rose's ability and asked her if she would be willing to help the United States government.

Rose's first "mission" was to attend the "March of the Masks" under the alias "Emily Page" in National City. There she seduced one of Waller's agents, Alex Parker. Rose did as requested but lost herself in the act, almost like she thought this was one of her dream-selves' lives and not her own. Rose and Alex soon were married and after living in St. Roch for a while, the two moved to Gotham City where Em took a job at Arkham Asylum out of an interest in helping the mentally ill.

Emily Parker: 2009 - 2015

When Alex went to work for Waller in ARGUS, he was away more than he was home. Rose threw herself into her work to cope. The mix of being back in her hometown, being without Alex, and seeing so many patients that reminded her of her family, Rose slowly came to realize she was not dreaming. When she came to her senses, Alex had filed for divorce and moved to Gateway City. Many times, Rose would show up in Alex's apartment. Sometimes he would be there, most of the times he was not. When he was there, they would talk or argue, either way, they would often end up in bed.

During this time, Rose began to wonder why Waller never contacted her again to urge her to win Alex back or give Rose a new mission. Rose began to drink her concerns away at the Tiki Tavern. It was there that she recognized her next door neighbor: me. We had been friendly before but had never been actual friends until our talk that night over many, many drinks. Maybe one drink too many as we woke up in Rose's bed together the next morning. It was a weird start to a friendship, but then again neither Rose or myself were ever 'normal'.

Fangirl: 2015 - Present

With a friend, Rose seemed happy for a while. Her drinking lessened, she made less booty calls to Gateway City, and she bonded with Ellie and Flag... and then one day this strange creature showed up. Rose took the creature in, named it Mascot, and kept it. That's when Rose started having the strangest dreams and her curiosity led to her confronting the truth of her past and in so doing, Rose lost her mind.[2]

Supplemental Reports

  • (Submitted by Gimmix) Rose attends a yoga class with Angie and I. Rose is quite flexible, but she isn't there for the exercise. She giggles at the names of the positions and is often visibly distracted by the instructor.
  • (Submitted by Gremlin) Instead of high-fives, Em and I celebrate our antics with "chest bings", usually accompanied by a celebratory shout of "Bing!" What is a chest bing? A gentler, sexier version of the 'chest bump' in which Em and I basically face each other and then tap the tips of our fully-clothed breasts against the others'... it was Em's idea.

Threat Assessment


  • Endling Physiology:
    • Dreamstone Connectivity: Rose has a natural ability to tune into the powers of the Dreamstones.
    • Cosmic Awareness: Rose has the potential to be aware of anything that affects her.
    • Empathic Magnetism: Rose has a passive ability to affect the emotions of others. Those most affected by this are those who remain in her proximity for the longest time and/or bond with her on some intimate level. This effect can be a double-edged sword and also effect Em. If the emotional relationship between Rose and the subject is a complex one, such as an intimate relationship built on love, the other person may be slowly driven insane due to an inability to understand their behavior and the luster of the 'artificial' emotions wearing off.
    • Enhanced Durability: Part-Endless, Rose's resilience is extremely high, allowing her to take numerous blows of internal or external assaults before succumbing to the effects. Interestingly, she still seems to feel pain and is known to cry over paper cuts. In fact, she seems more bothered by stubbing her toe than being thrown into a building and immolated.
    • Limited Dimensional Teleportation: Rose is able to create folds in the fabric of space in open doorways. When she steps through, she steps into the 'Waiting Room', a pocket dimension located outside normal time and space, which looks like a low quality motel room. When Rose leaves this Waiting Room, she can return to any doorway she is familiar with or in a doorway she is aware of through persons speaking about her or in locations near persons Rose maintains important relationships with.
    • Telekinesis: Rose can influence matter with her mind. Through practice, she has developed many other uses for this ability, such as flight.
    • Telepathy: Rose has the ability to sense another person's thoughts, communicate with them mentally, and affect their thoughts to a certain degree.
  • Dream Vortex Entity Host: Rose has a Dream Vortex entity living inside her after it 'jumped' from Unity Kinkaid and attached itself to Rose's more potent psychic potential.
    • Omnipotence (in the Dreaming): In Intrinsic Realms, such as the Dreaming, Rose's power is magnified.
    • Summoning of Subsidiary Selves: Rose can possess the mind of subsidiary versions of herself. In rare events, she might accidentally drag a subsidiary self into this reality.
  • Dreamstone of the 9th Reality - Imagem: Rose owns a sliver of the Dreamstone from the 9th reality, the Iolite. Rose calls this the "Imagem" and wears it on her brow as Fangirl.
  • Law Enforcement Experience
  • Expert Swimmer & Runner


  • Mental Instability: Rose's past has left her mentally unstable.
  • Dream Vortex: The Dream Vortex entity within her dooms her to a future conflict with her uncle, the Sandman.
  • Disorganized: Rose is somewhat scatterbrained and disorganized.
  • Flirtatious to a Fault: As the daughter of Desire, Rose is cursed with a rarely satisfied sexual appetite.


  • Physicality: 5 - Master / Remarkable
  • Occult: 8 - Paragon
  • Weapons: 4 - Expert / Enhanced
  • Experience: 1 - Paltry / Below-Average
  • Ranged: 8 - Paragon
  • Strategy: 0 - Abysmal / Nonexistent

Arkham Employee File

Emily Parker

Sergeant Emily Parker

Employment History

  • Arkham Asylum: Sergeant (4 years)
  • Arkham Asylum: Officer (4 years)
  • Gotham City D.A.’s Office: Paralegal (2 years)
  • Gotham City Parks Dept: Pool Lifeguard (3 years)


  • Security Officer Certification Course
  • Some College


  • As a teenager, she was saved from a kidnapping by the vigilantes known as Batman & Robin.
  • Received commendation for preventing the escape of patient Arnold Wesker (#88583), by threatening to throw his puppet in the grounds’ wood-chipper if Wesker did not immediately return to his cell.
  • Recently, under investigation for allegations of conspiring with patient Harvey Dent (#87403).[3]

Trivia and Notes


  • She's addicted to iced coffee drinks, particularly hazelnut, vanilla, or caramel flavors.
  • Sneezes when she 'smells' bull[expletive].
  • Em is a slob. Her apartment is a mess. She claims to absolutely despise cleaning and has claimed she is allergic to bleach.
  • Em will stop whatever she is doing to read a notification from her smart phone.
  • Em absolutely hates to do math or measure things. As a result, eating anything she baked is highly discouraged.
  • Em snores when she sleeps... really loudly, if her neighbor Angelica Aimes is to be believed.
  • Can fall asleep at the drop of hat, but refuses to do so unless bored out of her mind or exhausted beyond all measure... or is drugged.
  • Adamantly believes that Jar Jar Binks is an evil Sith Lord.
  • Always bites her lip when she's thinking hard or trying her best to not misbehave.
  • Thinks that socks are a suitable birthday present. Also, apparently, she thinks the same about, uh, adult intimacy aids.
  • Is always down for a party, especially one with a theme.
  • When not on patrol or working, she can usually be found at a bar or club.
  • Is prone to spontaneous dancing when just the right song is played.
  • When she "babysits" Ellie MacKay, she teaches the teen girl "important life lessons".
  • Em's favorite snack is cheddar and sour cream flavored potato chips. She will polish a bag off by herself in a single sitting.
  • Em is a firm believer that women should be allowed to express their sexuality just as much as men. Using derogatory terms against her in regards to her promiscuity will earn you a punch to the face, also to the back of the head, or swift kick between the legs. You go, girl! Testify![4]
  • Her employee number is 13-207.
  • She shared her first kiss with a girl with Angie Aimes.[5]
  • Em and her brother are "affected/cursed" by being Desire's children. Em will gain her heart's desires, but she won't retain anything. Because of this Em's not very skilled.[6]
  • When she encountered Death, she looked like her mother.[7]
  • Fangirl has a Threat Assessment ranking of 226, marking her as an Ultimate Threat.
  • She believes God is a woman.[8]


  • Emily Parker/"Fangirl" is an original character commissioned by Earth27FanGirl.
  • Her costume is based on the character Ultra Comics, who was also able to break the fourth wall, and a bit inspired by the look of Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), from Marvel Comics.
  • The "Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda" t-shirt is a nod to the Marvel comic Mockingbird #8.
  • She's a composite character of Rose Walker, the daughter of Desire of the Endless. Roy noted that Em's civilian appearance look identical to Rose's redesign appearance in the recent Sandman Universe series.
  • Her portrait with green dress is a nod to her appearance in The Dreaming #7.

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