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Ron Alexander: 1977 - 1993

Ron was born in Jump City. He had a troubled upbringing due to him being the only son of two workaholic parents who did not properly challenge their bright son. Ron got into trouble often when left to his own devices. He made friends rather easily, but rarely kept them long as Ron usually did not see the need to consider anyone but himself. He managed to get a GED the summer he turned sixteen. The following fall, Ron borrowed (read: stole) his dad's old car and left his hometown and his family behind to drive across the country.

Ron Alexander: 1993 - 1998

In search of new opportunities, Ron discovered a fondness and knack for mechanical engineering as he was often short on funds and had to tinker with his car to keep it running. He eventually ended up in Gotham City where he worked as an automotive mechanic and handyman for several different apartment complexes.

Gotham was hard on Ron, but he adapted and thrived. Ron even managed to land a good job at Stagg as a fleet technician, but word put it all in jeopardy. Ron's father had passed and this news brought Ron to the realization that much of his prior behavior had been intended to draw parental attention. With his father now dead and over five years having passed since Ron stole his car without so much as a phone call to demand Ron to return, Ron convinced himself that his parents never really loved him. They had not even bothered to tell Ron his father had died until after the funeral.

Ron's boss, not understanding what Ron was going through, made a harsh remark and found himself at the receiving end of Ron's fist. Ron spent a month in jail for the assault before he was able to drive back home. Ron hoped to claim his inheritance and start a new life, but upon his arrival found that his parents had left nothing to him.

Ron Alexander: 1998 - 2004

Before he left home again, Ron sold his dad's car, stole his dad's gold watch, and took all the cash from his parents' safe. Ron bought the first bus ticket heading out of town. The bus was bound for Star City.

Ron arrived in Star City without any idea of what he was going to do there. He spent a while trying to break into show business as a special effects worker but was fired by a studio exec. A couple of months later, Ron approached the same exec and revealed he had stalked him for six weeks and had collected quite the collection of damning photographs.

Ron Alexander: 2004 - 2010

Given a handsome payment in exchange for his silence, Ron enrolled at Seaview, intent on getting himself an "honest education." At college, Ron did exceptionally well academically, despite his caustic personality.

After getting a Bachelor of Arts degree, Ron began to put in work toward an Engineering degree. He had hoped to get a job at STAR Labs, but his personality caused plenty of issues and Ron was expelled for fighting.

Kicked out of school and dumped by his girlfriend, Ron needed a win. Ron saw a want ad to join the Ghostbusters and decided to give it a shot.[1]

Ron Alexander: 2010 - Present

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Supplemental Reports

  • (Submitted by Operator) While Ron can copy and rework just about any existing technology, he is not an innovator. Aside from Ray and Egon, it seems Ron is the most familiar with the working details of the proton pack. On his own and on a tight budget, Ron nearly duplicated the proton pack and even made some improvements which the Ghostbusters have since worked into their gear.
  • (Submitted by GothGurl) As hard as it is to believe, Ron Alexander and Jenny Moran used to date in college. I think Ron's success in his early days at school must have blunted much of the harsher parts of his personality. That must have combined with Jenny's young naiveté and optimistic preference to see the best in people to allow her to see some value in Ron. In fact, even today, while she and Ron are usually completely opposed in their views on just about everything, Jenny is always the first (and often the only) person to defend Ron's actions. I highly doubt Jenny has any romantic feelings for Ron lingering and I trust her judgement in people, so I'm prone to believe that Jenny simply has a lot of insights into Ron's background that the rest of us aren't privy to... Still, whatever the case, Ron's an ass.

Threat Assessment


  • World-Class Reverse-Engineer
  • Master Mechanic
  • Master Tinkerer & Jury-Rigger
  • Expert Chemist
  • Expert Forger
  • Expert Manipulator
  • Expert Metallurgist
  • Expert Pickpocket
  • Capable Brawler
  • Capable Physicist
  • Amateur Parapsychologist
  • Amateur Safecracker & Car Thief
  • Claims to have the "Ass of a Greek God"
  • Shady Connections


  • Caustic Personality
  • Criminal Record


  • Physicality: 2 — Basic / Typical
  • Occult: 3 — Trained / Exceptional
  • Weaponry: 3 — Trained / Exceptional
  • Expertise: 5 — Master / Remarkable
  • Range: 3 — Trained / Exceptional
  • Strategy: 4 — Expert / Enhanced
    • TOTAL: 42
    • RANKING: Low Threat

Trivia and Notes


  • He considers Ray and Egon to be his "Engineering" rivals, and Peter and Winston to be his "Personal" rivals.
  • He recruited Lou Kamaka after witnessing her decking a photographer who groped her.[2]
  • Chad Fuller is one of Ron's few friends. They have been drinking buddies for a long time and they still like to hustle drunks at billiards. Chad's a pacifist, but drunk Ron is one of the exceptions to his rules.[3]


  • Ron Alexander is a character from the Ghostbusters comics by IDW and its related media.
  • In the comics, the character was designed after the actor Chevy Chase, who was originally up for the role of Peter Venkman in the 1984 Ghostbusters film. The hat he's wearing in his civilian portrait is a reference to another film starring Chevy Chase, Caddyshack.
    • The shirt he's wearing in his Ghostbusters portrait variant says "Yes, it's my real name". Chevy Chase also wore this shirt.


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