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Medical Profile

  • Patient is in good overall health; but there are several suspicious injuries in patient's childhood medical records that may suggest a history of child abuse.

Psychological Profile

  • Patient is a narcissistic psychopath with sadistic impulses.
  • Patient also suffers from a severely resentful obsession with Bruce Wayne (Perhaps patient's father vented his anger toward his business rival (Thomas Wayne) on his son? It may explain patient's resentment toward Bruce Wayne and the severe multitude of childhood injuries).
  • Patient has a fascination with masks, preferring a black skull made of ebony (and said to have mystical powers) above all others in his collection.

Behavior Profile

  • Patient has a number of other patient willing to do his biding, whether he exchanges money or favors for their service is unknown
  • Patient has requested that he and fellow patient Selina Kyle (#40331) not be housed in proximity of each other. Apparently, Ms. Kyle believes Mr. Sionis is responsible for some trauma in her family and attacks him on sight.
  • Director Arkham has ordered all of Patient's belongings be removed from evidence and stored in director Arkham's office safe; for use in patient's therapy sessions, I suspect.
  • Threat Assignment: High
  • Treatment Ranking: 4-Resistant
  • Intake Interviewer: Dr. Roy Westerman
  • Assigned Patient Coordinator: Dr. Jeremiah Arkham[1]

Trivia and Notes


  • His gang is called the False Face Society.
  • It is suspected that Roman Sionis works with the Court of Owls.
  • Maggie Kyle, Selina's sister, ended up as a prostitute in the employ of Sionis. Catwoman fought to earn her freedom. Her current status is unknown.
  • When he's in Arkham he's housed in the Intensive Care Area.


  • Black Mask's Patient number (#85386) is a nod to his first comic book appearance: Batman #386, in 1985.
  • Jeremiah Arkham being his therapy coordinator is a nod to him becoming the second Black Mask.

Links and References

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