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Roland Jackson: 1996 - 2006

Roland is the oldest of three sons born to James and Beverly Jackson. Roland and his younger brother Jefferson were not particularly close. About the only thing that the brothers had in common was enjoying the times when they got to work in the garage with their father, James Jackson, working on restoring an old ambulance that Roland's grandfather had driven in the fifties and sixties. When Roland was ten years old and Jefferson was seven, their father (who was an Air Force mechanic) was killed while deployed at an airbase in the Middle East, two months before the expected birth of his third son.

Since a father and husband combined with the birth of another child complicated life for the Jacksons, Roland was expected to step up and be the man of the house. He focused on taking care of both his brothers while his mother slept during the day and worked long night shifts as an emergency services dispatcher. When an earthquake shook Star City's Glades district, Beverly Jackson was separated from her children and for a solid week, she lost all contact with her sons.

Roland Jackson: 2006 - 2009

Though her massive amount of concern was understandable, it was unnecessary. Roland took care of his siblings admirably. When his life began to return to normal, Beverly urged Roland to focus on school and tried to get by with less hours to allow him time for study and making friends.

Roland Jackson: 2009 - 2010

These lofty plans for Roland were waylaid by his mother's accident. On her drive to work, she had been struck by a stolen armored truck driven by Hard Knocks gang members fleeing the police. Desperate for funds to pay the rent while their mother was hospitalized, Roland and Jefferson decided to sell the car in the garage, the one they had been working on with their father but had mostly been neglected. They had a lot of interest, but everyone told them they were asking too much.

That's when they met Ray Stantz. He liked the idea of buying a vehicle which had not only served as an ambulance but also a hearse. Ray also thought they were asking for too much, but seeing as he was doing business with two boys too young to drive, Ray asked about their parents. Roland told Ray the truth. After hearing the tale, Ray handed over the cash in exchange for the keys. As Ray drove off with the car, the brothers counted the money and found an extra thousand and a hand-written note on a business card which read: Here's a deal: Take care of your mom, kid. I'll take care of your car. Give me a call in a few years and we'll work something out. - Ray

Roland Jackson: 2010 - 2012

Beverly recovered enough to work another two-and-a-half years but after she had a stroke, Roland dropped out of school to take care of his mother and brothers, even sending Jefferson in his place for a STAR Labs scholarship offer to attend an Ivy U Summer Program. Desperate for a job, Roland dug a wrinkled business card from his wallet.[1]

Roland Jackson: 2012 - Present

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Supplemental Reports

  • (Submitted by TurtleGurl84) Fun-fact time!
    • Roland shares a Comparative Sociology class with Garrett Miller and I.
    • He listens to opera and classical music. He doesn't follow rap much.
    • I know when Second Time Around's handyman can't figure a problem out, he waits for me to leave to run errands and then gives Roland a call.
  • (Submitted by GothGurl) Right off the bat, I could tell Roland had a rough life. He was quiet, shy, reserved. He may have seemed twice my size, but I still felt a slight breeze would knock him over. Ray started him out building some new shelves in preparation for reopening the shop under its new name. We didn't talk much for the first few days and before I knew it, he was gone. Ray told me he was doing some work at the firehouse. I was thinking I'd seen the last of Roland, but a couple of months later, Roland was one of the three boys who showed up to participate in Ray's "Ghostbusters 101" class in the bookstore's basement. This time around, Roland was much more outgoing, convincing us all to form a study group. The four of us became friends thanks to Roland and when Star City and the Ghostbusters needed some help, Roland came up with an extreme idea.

Threat Assessment


  • Genius Intellect
    • Master Chemist
    • Master Engineer
    • Master Mathematician
    • Master Mechanic
    • Master Physicist
    • Master Computer Technician
    • Expert Metallurgist
  • Expert Driver (albeit drives conservatively)
  • Amateur SCUBA Diver
  • Naturally Strong
  • Modestly Athletic


  • Dependents: Beverly Jackson & Casey Jackson
  • Cautious to a Fault
  • Overly Reliant on Technology
  • Prone to "Analysis Paralysis"


  • Physicality: 3 — Trained / Exceptional
  • Occult: 2 — Basic / Typical
  • Weaponry: 3 — Trained / Exceptional
  • Expertise: 4 — Expert / Enhanced
  • Range: 4 — Expert / Enhanced
  • Strategy: 3 — Trained / Exceptional
    • TOTAL: 37
    • RANKING: Low Threat

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  • Roland Jackson is a character from the Extreme Ghostbusters animated series.
  • His address on Ribeiro Way is a reference to the actor Alfonso Ribeiro, who voiced him in the Extreme Ghostbusters animated series.
  • Roland's family has nods to other characters from various media:
    • Jefferson Jackson is a supporting character and ally of Firestorm. In the Arrowverse, he became the next Firestorm succeeding Ronnie Raymond.
    • Celia Forrestal is Skyrocket of Power Company.
    • James and Beverly Jackson are the parents of Jefferson in the Arrowverse. James was a soldier who died in Somalia.
    • Ralph Jackson is a soldier of World War II and grandfather of Celia.


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