Rick Flag: 1974 - Present

Richard Roger Flag, Jr. is the son of Vietnam hero and posthumous Congressional Medal of Honor winner, Richard Roger Flag. Growing up, Richard began going by Rick to distinguish himself from his fallen father. At a young age, Rick became determined to enter into military service, and so he did. As a fresh-face Army Ranger, Rick was involved in the Battle of Mogadishu or the so-called “Day of the Rangers” or Operation Gothic Serpent. There he distinguished himself and was advanced into Delta Force and later was recruited for the CIA’s Special Activities Division. At some point, Rick was tasked to oversee a black ops fugitive apprehension taskforce.

It is likely in this capacity that Rick made the acquaintance of Amanda Waller, which would be a relationship that would curb his future in significant ways. In 2002, Rick Flag was selected to be the key operative of the Task Force X program, in which Rick would oversee a revolving rooster of prisoners (some of which were put in custody by Rick himself) to execute deniable covert operations for the U.S. government in exchange for reduced sentences. Rick performed these duties exemplary as he considered this assignment to be his patriotic duty. When Rick’s black ops career helped him avoid a Senate hearing when knowledge of Task Force X became public due to some leaked documents. After lying low for a few years with a much needed island-hopping vacation, Rick was able to transfer to ARGUS at Amanda Waller’s request. Having moved to Gotham City to work out of Arkham, Rick has been a busy boy. I have had a hard time keeping tabs on him, but my best calculations indicate that since ARGUS’s takeover of Arkham Asylum, Rick Flag has been in no less than three dozen ops with Task Force X. I can only confirm his presence in four of these due to Batman’s encounters with them. Once he was even able to hold his own against Batman blow for blow. No easy feet that.[1]

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  • Rick's address is a nod to his first comic book appearance: The Brave and the Bold #25, in 1959.
  • His looks in Earth-27 are based on Joel Kinnaman who portrayed him in the Suicide Squad movie.
  • Karin Grace is a member of the original Suicide Squad in the comics.

Links and References

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