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Ray Stantz: 1979 - 1998

Ray is the son of a general physician of Swiss ancestry and a Scottish immigrant housewife. He has two siblings: his older brother Carl and his younger sister Jean. As a child, Ray was a very intelligent and curious kid who developed a passion for the occult. His interest started with comic books, which his parents supported as it seemed to keep Ray out of trouble, unlike his older brother. But Ray's real investment in the arcane, odd, weird, and esoteric was nourished by his Aunt Lois, the owner of a bookstore. Aunt Lois has gone through a phase in the sixties and claimed to have fell in with a group of occultists and insisted that Ray never accept that anything was impossible and gave him free reign of all the books on the occult she had kept in her private collection.

Ray Stantz: 1998 - 2001

When Ray graduated high school, the world was already beginning to see magic cause casual skeptics to reconsider their preconceptions. During his second year of college, Ray changed his major from mechanical engineering to enroll in the college's new parapsychology program at the suggestion of his roommate, Peter Venkman. The debut of Wonder Woman had cause many colleges to create or relaunch defunct parapsychology programs. Ray and Peter were on the forefront of this paradigm shift in the academic world.

As Ray had been studying the occult intently throughout his childhood, he was quite ahead of the curve. He had read books that his professors had never heard of and helped shape the occult programs of several universities as part of a partnership agreement. This is when Ray was introduced to Egon Spengler, by way of Peter Venkman.

Ray Stantz: 2001 - 2007

In his third year at university, Ray's parents died in a traffic accident. Peter and Egon were both there for Ray in his darkest time. Though Ray tried to quit school to go home, Peter and Egon rallied together to help Ray find programs he qualified for to remain in school and finish his degree. After two years working in the private sector for a consultant firm in Gateway City and finding the work unsatisfying (as they expected results which Ray could not deliver), Ray returned the favor to Peter and Egon by wrangling a grant from Seaview University for all three of them.

Ray Stantz: 2007 - 2009

For his part in the work at Seaview University, Ray devoted a lot of his workday to interviewing people who had some sort of encounter with the paranormal. He also monitored a number of locations throughout Star City known for spectral or unusual activity, this included the mysterious spirit haunting the Star City library's basement.

Ray Stantz: 2009

One day, Ray got a call from the library's director, asking Ray to come to the library immediately as one of his librarians appeared traumatized by the ghost of the basement. Ray got off the phone, called Egon to investigate, and went to the university to get Peter and their gear.[1]

Ray Stantz: 2009 - Present

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Supplemental Reports

  • (Submitted by Operator) Anyone familiar with the Ghostbusters would tell you that Ray is the heart of the team. Those who have known him his whole life say Ray has always been like this. Formerly, Ray claimed his fondest memory from his childhood was his summers roasting marshmallows at Camp Waconda. However, since 2013, Ray has no interest in marshmallows anymore.
  • (Submitted by TurtleGurl84) Captain Carl Stantz is a military officer who lives in Metropolis and has served in the Middle East, is married, is a Conservative, has two sons, is an alcoholic, and is a member of the National Rifle Association. Also, according to Dr. Stantz, Carl Stantz hates exactly four things: Terrorists, Homosexuality, Parapsychology, and Dr. Venkman. Contrast that with Ray's younger sister, Jean. Jean Stantz is a journalist in Jump City, is divorced, is a Liberal, has a daughter who attends ballet school, and is a feminist with two lovers of both genders. Jean's failed marriage was to a classic scholar and part-time beet farmer. She also hates Dr. Venkman after he hit on her at her parents' funeral. Carl and Jean do not talk to each other, and rarely speak to Ray.

Threat Assessment


  • World-Class Parapsychologist
  • Master Engineer
  • Master Metallurgist
  • Master Astronomer
  • Expert Biologist (Including Micro- & Marine Biology)
  • Expert Chemist
  • Expert Historian
  • Expert Marine Spongiologist
  • Expert Physicist
  • Amateur Architect
  • Polyglot (Fluent in 8 Ancient Languages)
  • Impressive Collection of Occult Literature
  • The "Selector" of Gozer


  • Mild Nicotine Addiction
  • Prone to "Shut Down" After Making Mistakes
  • Vulnerable to Ear-Twisting


  • Physicality: 2 - Basic / Typical
  • Occult: 4 - Expert / Enhanced
  • Weaponry: 2 - Basic / Typical
  • Expertise: 6 - World-Class / Superb
  • Range: 3 - Trained / Exceptional
  • Strategy: 3 - Trained / Exceptional

Trivia and Notes


  • Ray Stantz has a Threat Assessment ranking of 47, marking him as an Low Threat.
  • He has a contact in the FBI, special agent Willis. In reality it's Bobby Singer.[2]
  • Bryan Welsh made the acquaintance of Professor Ray Stantz during his sophomore year. Bryan had seen the professor before as his family's farmhouse was just down the street from Bryan's grandparents' house. When he saw the professor's name in the course catalog, offering an elective that could count toward his engineering degree, Bryan's curiosity got the better of him and he registered for the class. It turns out that Bryan had accidentally signed up for a companion lab class for parapsychology lecture course. Though he missed the first lecture and was offered a chance to drop-out to remedy the error, Bryan took a look at the lab syllabus and decided it looked like a fun challenge. So with an already overloaded class schedule, Bryan decided to squeeze in one more class and enrolled in the lecture series, too. Parapsychology was definitely Bryan's weakest class, but Stantz gave the kid good grades as he was, without question, the best student in the engineering lab. So impressed was Professor Stantz with Bryan that he offered him a job for the next two years as a lab assistant. Bryan lost the job partway into the second year when Stantz was fired. Bryan later became a Ghostbuster.[3]
  • He received help from Jillian Holtzmann during development of the proton pack technology. He offered her a chance to be a founding Ghostbuster, but she was sure they were going to crash and burn within six months (and she still thought Egon was weird).[4]
  • He bought the car that became Ecto-1. He liked the idea of buying a vehicle which had not only served as an ambulance but also a hearse. He thought that Roland and Jefferson Jackson were asking too much for their car, but seeing as he was doing business with two boys too young to drive, Ray asked about their parents. Roland told Ray the truth about their parents. After hearing the tale, Ray handed over the cash in exchange for the keys. As Ray drove off with the car, the brothers counted the money and found an extra thousand and a hand-written note on a business card which read: Here's a deal: Take care of your mom, kid. I'll take care of your car. Give me a call in a few years and we'll work something out. - Ray[5]
  • After aunt Lois died he inherited her bookstore. The store was disorganized, until Kylie Griffin came looking for a book. Kylie spent six hours searching for the book and organizing the place as she searched, but did manage to find the book. After seeing that Kylie had single-handedly organized the shop's basement in search of her book, Ray couldn't bring himself to charge her. Kylie thanked him and she got as far as the sidewalk before Ray chased her down and asked her if she'd like a job. After that Kylie became his pupil and Ray became a regular part of Sunday dinners with Kylie and Grandmother Rose.[6]


  • Ray Stantz is a character from the Ghostbusters films and its related media.
  • His backstory and siblings are nods to Ghostbusters: The Supernatural Spectacular, a novelization of the first movie.
  • Kylie Griffin is a character from the Extreme Ghostbusters animated series.

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