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Raquel Ervin was born in Paris Island, the poorest, most crime-ridden neighborhood in Dakota City. She yearned to become a writer just like Toni Morrison, but lacked the motivation. Her parents, Robert and Sandra, divorced when Raquel was young after Raquel's older sister died from complications after being shot as a collateral victim in gang war. Raquel ended up living with her mother except for two weekends a month when she would go live with her father who had married his younger secretary. Raquel was disgusted to see that her father had given his stepson more fatherly love than he had ever afforded Raquel or her late sister and this endowed Raquel with a chip on her shoulder and no shortage of father issues.

So Raquel did what many youths from did, she turned to crime. Raquel didn't like being a criminal and recognized the irony of her noble aspirations and fondness for seeing the emergence of heroes with fantastical powers on the evening news; but Raquel never thought she would get a chance to be anything like those types.

One night, Raquel's friends convinced her to accompany them as they went to rob a warehouse owned by some rich "Uncle Tom". The teens had barely made their way inside when the owner had pulled up in his fancy car and scared Raquel's friends into fleeing, abandoning Raquel. Unaware of her friends' departure, Raquel ventured deeper into a warehouse until she found the remains of an alien spaceship. Before she realized what she was looking at, a hand grabbed Raquel from behind. This was how Raquel and Augustus Freeman first met.

Instead of calling the cops, Augustus tried to lecture Raquel on the error of her ways and she manipulated him into telling her the condensed version of his life story. At the end of this conversation, Augustus told Raquel to run away and she did so, only to return an hour later to stop Augustus from relocating his ship. Instead, Raquel said she would keep his secret if he became Dakota's hero and give her some of that fancy alien tech from his ship so she could become his sidekick. Raquel was actually shocked into a silent stupor by his answer...[1]

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  • Her address is a nod to one of her creators, Mark Bright and year of her creation - 1993.

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