Rachael Thane: 1984 - Present

Rachael is the daughter of Zachary and Elizabeth Thane. She was born in her mother's family home in Bristol, England. Rachael was pronounced a child prodigy shortly after her first birthday. By age two,she was reading Shakespeare and learning Spanish, French, and Japanese. Rachael was tutored at home to engage her active mind and enrolled in government sponsored preschool to help nurture her intellect beyond what her parents felt they were capable. There is some evidence that the director of the preschool and her parents were involved in a legal battle to gain custody over Rachael, but most of these files detailing this were lost in a fire.

Rachael continued to do exceptionally well and at fourteen was legally emancipated and left home to pursue higher education. She attended many of the best programs Europe had to offer, including semesters at Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Oxford. After her parents' sudden (and mysterious) deaths, Rachael came to the states to attend both Midwestern University and Ivy University, before capping off her education with a year at Gotham University with a number of advanced degrees.

After all this schooling, Rachael seemed to grow tired of the spotlight. As a result, Rachael became a very private person. Rumor was she took an interest in the stock market and deduced a fortune-building algorithm which she used to buy a small lab, which she used to found Thane Innovations. This medical research company was pretty low-key for a number of years. At one point, I even suspected it was a front company for CIA, MI6, or maybe even some criminals; but I have since changed my mind on that as the company went public in 2014 and has since become a leading medical research firm, recently building a monolithic structure in the Diamond District known as Thane Spire.

To sum it up, if there's three things I know about Rachael Thane is that she is incredibly smart, frustratingly private, and the niece of Alfred Pennyworth. Oh, did I forget to mention that?[1]


Rachael Thane was Canonized by the Anti-Monitor and is no more.

Trivia and Notes


  • Rachael Thane is an original character created by Riviellan.

Links and References

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