Peyton Riley

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Arkham Files

Medical Profile

  • Patient is in exceptional health, maintained through a good diet and exercise.
  • Patient is blind in her right eye as a result of a gunshot wound, which also left significant scar tissue on her right cheek and forehead.

Psychological Profile

  • Patient exhibits a very particular objectophiliac fixation dependent on Patient's multiple personality disorder and object dependent obsession with the wooden ventriloquy dummy known as "Scarface".
  • Unlike Patient Arnold Wesker (#88583), this Patient's Scarface personality treats its ventriloquist (the Patient) as though the two were in a committed relationship in the vein of Bonnie & Clyde.

Behavior Profile

  • Patient has no woodworking shills, but is nevertheless banned from working in Woodworking Shop.
  • Patient is currently employed in The Laundry, but must be searched at the end of every shift as she has been known to smuggle socks out of her work area to make sock puppets.
  • SECURITY ALERT: Patient has known ties to organized crime.
  • NOTE: Due to their shared fascinations with the "Scarface" puppet, we cannot house Patient Wesker (#88583) near Patient Riley.
  • Threat Assignment: Moderate
  • Treatment Ranking: 3-Ambivalent
  • Intake Interviewer: Dr. Roy Westerman
  • Assigned Patient Coordinator: Dr. Simon Hurt[1]

Trivia and Notes


  • Peyton Riley runs the Riley Crime Family (aka: "The Irish"), and when in possession of Scarface she also has the loyalty of Scarface's organization.[2]
  • She was given a trustee status and a trustee housing.


  • Sugar's Patient number (#82737) is a nod to her first comic book appearance: Detective Comics #827, in March, 2007.
  • Sock puppets are a nod to Socko.

Links and References

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