The Outsiders were originally founded in late 2008. The team was created by Dick Grayson, Victor Stone, and Roy Harper to track down Jason Todd after learning he was literally back from the grave. Their purpose was to find him before the League of Assassins in order to bring him back into the fold and rehabilitate him. After the completion of this, the team remained active as they realized they could be a team willing to do what the Justice League could not or would not do due to its political affiliation with the United Nations.

The team's structure consists of a trinity of three commanders: Nightwing, Cyborg, and Arsenal. While Arsenal keeps permanent residence at the Outsiders Bunker and functions as its primary leader, Nightwing and Cyborg hold the same rank as him and can act in his place if he is unavailable. For major decisions, such as recruitment, the three commanders meet together and hold discussions. If any of the three commanders are unavailable, they can send a delegate or a sub-commander can attend in their place.[1]


The Outsiders are led by Lian Harper. The Justice League calls them "Outlaws" or "Vigilantes" but in some cities, they are more admired than the Justice League. They are a much larger organization now, with chapter houses in most major American cities. The chapter houses are generally more like bunkers or lairs and the group tends to operate more like a heroic terrorist cell than the traditional hero team with the chapters running themselves and having their identities only known to themselves and a handler that then in turn reports to Outsider Command in Blüdhaven.[2]


  • Full-Time Members: These are the members who are residents of the Bunker or available for a majority of missions and have had their membership authorized by all three Commanders.
  • Reserve Members: These are the members who are have had their membership authorized by all three commanders but are not residents or are only available for some missions.
  • Unofficial Members: These are the members who may go on missions with the team and are given full access to the Bunker, but have not been authorized as full status members for a variety of reasons, which might include being a member of the Justice League or having prior commitments to other affiliations and rarely accompanying Outsiders on their missions.
  • Honorary Members: These are members without 'field clearance' to accompany Outsiders on missions but have been given full access to the Bunker and are recognized as members of the team by the three Commanders.

List of Outsiders Members

Character Real Name Notes
Nightwing Dick Grayson
Cyborg Victor Stone
Arsenal Roy Harper
Nightwing Dick Grayson
Cyborg Victor Stone
Batman Bruce Wayne
Katana Tatsu Yamashiro Deputy Field Commander
Proxy Wendy Harris Logistics Coordinator
Paragon Marvin White Technical Coordinator
Full-Time Members
Tempest Garth ta'Idyl
Freight Train Cecil Moran
Macro Grace Choi
Thunder Anissa Pierce
Halo Gabrielle Doe
Geo-Force Brion Markov
Jade Jennifer-Lynn Hayden
Obsidian Todd Rice
Looker Emily Briggs
Beast Boy Garfield Logan
Terra Tyra Markov
Rook Sebastian Faust
Reserve Members
Raven Rachel Roth
Omen Lilith Clay
Batwing Luke Fox
Bluebird Harper Row
Lark Duke Thomas
Ravager Rose Wilson
Card Queen Duela Dent
Unofficial Members
Blue Beetle Ted Kord
Booster Gold Michael Jon Carter
The Question Renee Montoya
Shift Rex Mason
Red Robin Tim Drake
Black Bat Cassandra Cain
Spoiler Stephanie Brown
Power Girl Karen Starr
Huntress Helena Bertinelli
Black Lightning Jefferson Pierce
Lady Blackhawk Zinda Blake
Starling Evelyn Crawford
King Marvel Freddy Freeman
Oracle Barbara Gordon
Zatanna Zatanna Zatara
Catwoman Selina Kyle
Honorary Members
Jason Bard
Angie Aimes
Lian Harper
Tot Rodor
Bridget Clancy Superintendent
Former Members
Darkstar Donna Troy
Red Hood Jason Todd
Starfire Koriand'r
Arsenal Roy Harper

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