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The Outsiders were originally founded to track down Jason Todd and bring him back into the fold. Later, they remained a team to do that which the Justice League couldn't or refused to do.

Dick Grayson and Victor Stone are the founding leaders. Technically, Dick leads the East Coast and Victor leads the West Coast, but Dick has too busy of a schedule to oversee the main East Coast team 24/7 so Victor and Dick made Roy Harper the field commander and he actually lives in the base 24/7 and goes on nearly all the missions. Roy is pretty much the one in charge of the team, except Dick and Victor reserve the right to relieve him of command. For determining if a new member can be added to the team, Dick, Victor, and Roy each get an equal say: one vote each.[1]

After quiting the Justice League, Batman joined the Outsiders and became the Commander.

2027 Edit

The Outsiders are led by Lian Harper. The Justice League calls them "Outlaws" or "Vigilantes" but in some cities, they are more admired than the Justice League. They are a much larger organization now, with chapter houses in most major American cities. The chapter houses are generally more like bunkers or lairs and the group tends to operate more like a heroic terrorist cell than the traditional hero team with the chapters running themselves and having their identities only known to themselves and a handler that then in turn reports to Outsider Command in Blüdhaven.[2]

List of Outsiders Members Edit

Character Real Name Notes
East Coast
Batman Bruce Wayne Commander
Katana Tatsu Yamashiro East Coast Leader
Macro Grace Choi
Black Bat Cassandra Cain
Halo Gabrielle Doe
Geo-Force Brion Markov
Indigo Brainiac-8
Jade Jennifer-Lynn Hayden
Looker Emily Briggs
Obsidian Todd Rice
Shift Rex Mason
The Question Renee Montoya
Thunder Anissa Pierce
She-Bat Francine Langstorm
ReMAC Salah Miandad
Fox Jack Dahl Inactive.
Zatanna Zatanna Zatara Inactive.
Red Robin Tim Drake Inactive.
Spoiler Stephanie Brown Inactive.
Robin Damian Wayne Inactive.
Nightwing Dick Grayson Former East Coast Leader. Inactive.
West Coast
Cyborg Victor Stone West Coast Leader. Also a Network representative.
Raven Rachel Roth
Beast Boy Garfield Logan


Tyra Markov
Proxy Wendy Harris Also a Network representative.
Paragon Marvin White Also a Network representative.
Wonder Dog Unknown
Rook Sebastian Faust
Freight Train Eric Moran
Tempest Garth
Dolphin Dolphin
Windfall Wendy Jones
Omen Lilith Clay
Ravager Rose Wilson Inactive.
Black Lightning Jefferson Pierce East Coast.
Bluebird Harper Row East Coast.
Batwing Luke Fox East Coast.
Batwoman Kate Kane East Coast.
Lady Blackhawk Zinda Blake East Coast.
Starling Evelyn Crawford East Coast.
Blue Beetle Ted Kord West Coast.
Booster Gold Michael Jon Carter West Coast.
Power Girl Kara Zor-El West Coast.

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