Kori, Roy, and Jason banded together initially during the Judas Contract as a result of Heretic's interest in the Batcave's Level 7. Heretic had attacked Donna Troy (Roy's love interest) and Lian Harper (Roy's daughter) and coincidentally Dick Grayson had gone undercover in ARGUS and Helena had also gone missing during this time (kidnapped by Amanda Waller, but actually working with Andrea Beaumont). The timing of all this didn't seem coincidental to them so they were interested in uncovering why Heretic wanted this Level 7 so bad for... also, Heretic had attacked Roy, Kori, and Jason as well. Roy was hospitalized and Jason and Kori managed to escape without serious injury.

After uncovering the Brother Eye server in Level 7, they decided that Batman had gone too far. Now, that Helena is in trouble with Barbara (After getting caught hiding a comms channel from her and kidnapping Dick), (and by extension, Batman), Jason's anger toward Bruce is convincing him that Helena was right in her actions and he wants to help her in her investigation into the Court of Owls and the rescue of Dick Grayson, even if it means he's got to go through the Justice League to do it.[1]

After learning that Dick Grayson was released from his captivity, Helena turned out to be a mole and the team was captured by ARGUS.[2]

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  • The name of the team is taken from the comic book "Red Hood and the Outlaws", but the story (very controversial in the comics) differs greatly in E27.

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